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Week 38 ~ April 9, 2004
~ Good News

Praise God - the baby appears to be healthy! And no - I didn't make a mistake - I am at 38 weeks already!

First - the ultrasound: Steve and I went to Denver to see a perinatalogist. She did a higher resolution ultrasound and she was able to see the ventricle of the brain that was enlarged. However, the ventricle was measuring 1.2 cm, and the upper limit of "normal" is 1 cm. So this one is only slightly larger than normal. And the corresponding ventricle on the other side of the brain was .7 cm.

So how she explained it was that the ventricles are "asymmetrical" - kind of like some people have different sized feet or eyes or ears (or breasts!) - this baby has asymmetrical ventricles of the brain. She said that problems in brain development happen when the ventricles are in the 3-4 cm range, so our baby appears to be just fine.

She also found what she called a "nick" in the back of the brain. But she said that it could disappear by birth or it could stay there and have no effect. She said most people who have this "nick" don't know about it until they have to get an MRI or CT scan (like for a car accident), and nothing will show up physically in the baby. She said this baby will look normal, act normal, eat normal, poop and pee normal - it was such a relief to hear "normal"!!!

Second - the dates: The doctor was able to tell by the baby's size and by the bone ossification that I definitely have my dates wrong. I am already full term! I was 38 weeks as of April 8, so my new due date is April 22! It was like getting a 5-week bonus! I love being pregnant, but I just can't wait to meet this little one. The doctor said that a neonatologist will have to do an ultrasound of the baby's head after he/she is born just to confirm that everything is ok. So the less time we have to wait for that final confirmation, the better!

Steve and I did peek at the baby's sex - but we aren't telling! We had the doctor focus the ultrasound on the baby's genitals and we both guessed the same. We told the doctor that we didn't want confirmation, but she seemed to agree with what we think it is. Our family and friends are dying to know - but we decided that we want to keep it a secret, as we could be wrong since it wasn't confirmed by the doctor.

My mom came over yesterday to help me get all the baby stuff ready - she even brought some newborn diapers. I had a hard time washing both boy and girl clothes, since we are pretty sure what the sex is. But like I said, we could be wrong. I am finishing the sewing of bassinet skirt today, and I will pack my hospital bag this weekend.

It could be any time . . .

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