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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 7
~ 4 EPTs!

So far, this second pregnancy is different than the first. I have had only some slight nausea, but nothing like the horrible morning (all day!) sickness I had with Ethan. But everyone has told me that all pregnancies are different! The only similarity is the extreme exhaustion. As soon as Steve or I put Ethan to bed, I usually go to bed too!

I took 4 (yes, 4!) pregnancy tests this time. I was visiting a friend in Pennsylvania, and I wasn't even late, but I thought I might be pregnant. So I took one of her extra (she has a 12 week-old little girl) pregnancy tests, but she didn't have the directions, but I thought I saw a faint line. We looked on the internet for the directions, but we still weren't sure if we saw a line. But I looked at the test 24 hours later and it was positive?!? So of course, I bought another test, but it was negative. So again - I bought a two-pack this time - I took another test and it was positive, and so was the second one in the two-pack. So I can figure that with 3 positive tests, I am pregnant!

My first appointment with the midwives isn't until the end of October, as they like to wait until 10-12 weeks so they can hear a heartbeat. One of my best friends was due 4 days after me, but she had a miscarriage yesterday. I have an incredible case of "survivor's guilt", as this happened to another one of my friends when I was pregnant with Ethan. I keep asking Steve why it's not happening to me. He reassures me that every woman is different and that God is in control. I just have to have faith and rely on Him!

I have definitely had my days of panic, thinking, "Oh my gosh, what have we done?" But I know that each and every child is a blessing, so God wouldn't have provided us this baby without giving us the means to provide for her (or him!). And I will have two kids in diapers - but hopefully, I can potty train Ethan when he is 2 1/2 or so - we'll see!

I have thoughts that this baby might be a girl. Just an inkling, but who knows. And according to the Chinese chart, it is a girl. My birthday is May 12, so whether the baby is born before or after my birthday, it is still predicting it to be a girl!

Have a great week - and think "no morning-sickness" thoughts for me!

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