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Week 9 ~ October 20, 2003
~ Morning Sickness Strikes Again

So I thought I could escape without morning sickness. Yeah, right! Right when I "turned" 8 weeks, the morning sickness hit. It was Yom Kippur, so Steve was home from work, and it was wonderful to have his help with Ethan and the dishes. But the next day, I had to work (I am a secret shopper for a grocery store chain), and I barely made it through. And of course, Ethan was fussy during my shop, so I got him chocolate milk. And then he proceeded to dump the entire thing on the floor. I was just glad I didn't throw up while I was cleaning it up!

I am blessed to have my parents close (my mom and dad run a bed & breakfast only 15 minutes away from our house), so I called my mom and she came over that afternoon. She did my dishes, played with Ethan and cleaned my house. I am so glad she is "on call" for me.

We spent the last 10 days camping up in Estes Park. We were up there for the Feast of Tabernacles (Leviticus 23) and it was a great time to spend with our friends. Ethan was SO filthy - but what do I expect with a 14 month-old who is still crawling? Thankfully, my morning sickness wasn't too horrible during the time we were up there. And in talking with my friends, I am pursuing something interesting . . . a home birth.

I am not quite sure what to do or what to expect, but Steve and I talked and we think a home birth might be an option. Although I don't like the house we are in now (it is a rental duplex), there is a chance that one of my friends would let me use her house. I think our only obstacle is our family. My mom is an R.N. and I just think she would be appalled with our choice. Even though statistics on home births are fantastic, my mom still comes from a "medical" background and may be very upset. I guess only time will tell . . .

I spent this morning searching the internet for home birth information and found a ton! I know a lady who had a home birth right around the time Ethan was born, so I am going to get in touch with her so that I can contact her midwife. I feel so uninformed on home births, yet I think we really want to do it. I have an appointment on Thursday with the midwives we used with Ethan, so I think we need to make a decision as soon as possible, as they only deliver at the hospital.

Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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