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Birth Story
It's a Boy!

Heather and NathanNathan Alexander was born 6 October, 2011 at 6:10pm weighing 7lb, 13oz and was 19" long! I was induced the same way I was with Matthew - in on Wednesday night for the prostaglandin insert (yay), stayed overnight and did the pitocin and water breaking the next morning.

Now for the fun stuff. At the time of water breaking, Nathan and his accompanying cervix were still VERY high. The doctor and I were relieved she could even reach the membranes to rupture them. My doctor was wonderful and didn't make me wait for an epidural. When the epidural kicked in, things started moving fast. I went from about 4cm to 6cm. Then 7 followed. I sat up and the baby slipped right to the bottom. Boom - 10cm.

The nurse said, "let's do a couple practice contractions. Just put your feet on the bed." So I did. Then we had to stop. I swear the doctor almost missed it. She was in the OR assisting another doctor. So we got her in, there were about three or four more real pushes and the baby was OUT. He cried once or twice and then settled right down. Night and Day. Matthew took forever with a ton of pushing and a vacuum assist. I swear this is the way to go.

Matthew and NathanBaby Nathan was born healthy, with good blood sugars (we only had one low the next morning) and my sugars are settling down nicely now that we're home - just in time for Thanksgiving! And what a thing to be thankful for!

Big brother Matthew is thrilled to pieces with his new little brother and can't stop giving him hugs and kisses.

And that's about it for now. I'd like to thank everyone who read for following us on our journey and I wish current and future writers all the best!

Signing off,

Heather, Mike, Matthew, Nathan, and the cats.

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