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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 12
More Parties & I Vaguely Remember Something About Being Pregnant

This week my pregnancy all but completely took a back seat to my regular life. Apart from the everyday stuff that I deal with that reminds me I'm pregnant should I become lost in my own world and forget for a few minutes (nausea, vomiting, feeling like a first-trimester run-down shadow of a human being *whine whine moan complain*), I actually had other things to focus on this week! Our cars both needed oil changes! That's always fun, eh? Yeah, since our preferred mechanic is in the town where I work, I drive the cars in, they give me a ride to work and I forget that I am without a vehicle for the day. The whole process takes about two or three days (depending on how many other things they can find wrong with the vehicles). So this week I focused mostly on getting the cars looked after. With a brief pregnancy-related interlude in the middle.

That's right! Tuesday was Fasting Blood Work Day! It went better than I thought it would. Mike was a dear and worked from home that day so I wouldn't have to drive myself--and I took the day off work in the event that I would feel horrible the whole day. It's not the seven (yeah, 7 - anybody else think this is a bit much? I mean, we're all in the same boat here) vials of blood - that doesn't drain me. I have no problem getting the right nutrients in later to make up for it. It's the not being able to eat anything so I can't fight off the residual queasies after the initial morning bout of NVP that gets me when I first emerge from my cocoon - uh - bed.

And they really don't care at Life Labs if you're pregnant and fasting with severe NVP. You've still gotta wait behind everyone else (well, we've all gotta wait behind time-sensitive tests). This is even worse when you're diabetic. They care even less about your state then.

But I'm whining again. So moving back to how my day actually went - not how it could have gone. I prepared for the day expecting the worst. It turned out to be not that bad. I was only sick once, and with the right amount of visiting my happy place - and a relatively short lineup at the lab - I was able to fight the queasies. I also had a liquid meal replacement ready to go, in the car, for when we left the building. When we got home, I had some oh-so-good-for-me Cadbury mini eggs. Then a bit of lunch. Then I sat down on the couch to digest and promptly fell asleep. It took me most of the late-afternoon and a good chunk of the evening to wake up. Yes, planning to need the day off was the right decision.

Thursday my friend and I took a childless trip (gotta love those daycares!) to the Art Gallery of Ontario to see the Maharaja exhibit - it was WONDERFUL! So many beautiful paintings and fabrics and jewels! Absolutely magnificent! I'm quite glad we both got the chance to experience it before it goes away (April 3rd).

Then began the definition of my new life (new started 5 years ago). Home parties. Catalogue shows. I've found that after you move into your own house/apartment/undefined dwelling, the Catalogue People find you! Well folks, it's the first weekend of April and I am absolutely catalogued out this month! Friday evening - a lingerie show at a co-worker's house where I managed to find some sleepwear that will be very nice during those long nights after the squidget is born. Saturday was a combination show of candles, jewelery, and cooking/kitchen stuff at a friend's house. Then Sunday - a different candle company at my house! Gotta admit it's nice to be benefiting from these parties now but I am so done with them for a loooong while! So Catalogue People and Direct Sellers - don't come anywhere near me until May is just about over! Please!

So now I am off to sleep to rest off my weekend and to dream about the Ultrasound that's coming up this Tuesday! Woo-hoo! I am looking soooo forward to telling you about that!

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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