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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 13
Ultrasounds and Blood Work and Brunch Oh My!

Hey there everyone!

This week's entry marks the end of week 13 and the beginning of my last week of my first trimester! Woo-hoo!

Health status update: I remain the same. I'm starting to lose hope that the morning sickness will end before the pitocin drip so I'm gonna try to stop whining about that.

Instead I have something entirely different to whine about!

So on Tuesday of this past week I had my first ultrasound! Baby is doing fine, it was arching its back and kicking its feet and waving and attempting to suck its thumb and we got to see the little heart just a pounding away. At the end of the ultrasound I was attempting to clear the goo off my belly and get re-dressed when I said, "Good, now I'll go to the lab and get the IPS bloodwork done." (I'm a big fan of all the non-invasive tests I can get). The technician said, "IPS? We're not an IPS lab... this wasn't an IPS ultrasound." I was not aware before Tuesday that there was more than one type of obstetrical ultrasound done at those specific dates. My panic-o-metre started to rise. I said, "wha-?" She said, "didn't they tell you that?" I said, "uh..." She said, "go back to your doctor's office now and tell them you need an IPS ultrasound pronto because your dates were pretty close to where you thought they were and you're running out of time." So Mike and I ran down the row of buildings to my doctor's office (convenient location, eh?) and I begged to see the nurse (starting to see stars now). The receptionists (who all know me by name - it's a small town) got her and I said, "I didn't get the right kind of ultrasound; I need a new requisition right now!" (or something like that). She said, "Oh for the - We don't need that type of ultrasound, I wish they wouldn't freak people out like that. All we need are the measurements!" So the nurse (who's known me since before I was born - friend of the family) told me to go next door to the lab (see? Really convenient locations!) and to tell them that it didn't matter that the measurements weren't filled out, she would do that when the big lab in Toronto sent a request to her. Panic-o-metre dropping. We went next door to the lab and said that and the two women there (who have known me forEVER) said,


I said, "But the nurse said -"


Panic-o-metre shoots off the chart. I went back to the office and said, "They said 'No'."

The nurse said, "They said what?" She grabbed the requisition out of my hand and lead me next door. They argued for a while and it resulted in me not getting any blood work done that day. At this point, I've got tears streaming down my face because I'm pregnant, frustrated, hormonal, and my anti-depressants are only sort of taking the edge off these days. I don't know, maybe it's the phase of the moon. My mother told me later that I was perfectly right to be as agitated as I was because it really was a big deal. All these medical professionals are telling me I have to get something done but no one is telling me how to do it and now, my type A personality is kicking in and I feel let down. *whine whine moan complain.* The worst part of it really is that I had to go back to work after. Y'see, once I start crying about something I can't stop. I had stopped being worried about it at the second trip to the blood lab but I was too worked up to settle down. It took me a good half hour to settle down. I couldn't walk into the store and say "Hi y'all!" Because I simply didn't look that happy. I would break down sobbing again and probably worry everyone that something was wrong with the baby when really, everything was fine. Just bureaucratic red tape.

Everything was cleared up when I got my measurements on Thursday and had the blood work done on Friday.

And what have we learned from this? We've learned that we can pretty much be as crazy and weepy as we want and we can just blame it on the hormones! It's great!

But moving on... (oh, by the way, the girl who did the blood work did an excellent job. I'm a really bad bleeder but an excellent bruiser - I didn't bruise at all and it took her two tries to get a decent vein!)

Sunday - brunch with the girls at a fabulous place in Toronto. In the rain. We ate waaaaay too much food and all had a freshly squeezed fruit juice (one raspberry lemonade, and two multiple tropical fruit mixes). And then shopping! It's time. I had to move up to a bigger size of pants. My jeans are officially in storage 'til October/November. I now have four pairs of pants that are loose enough at the waist I don't think I'm stunting my baby's growth.

It was a fabulous ending to a roller coaster week!

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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