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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 15
Happy Easter! Or Happy Bunny Day! Or Happy Weekend if you don't celebrate anything this weekend.*

(*Just trying to be politically correct and not offensive - I'm Canadian, it's what I do)

Hey everyone!

We are now well and truly into the second trimester - by all calendars and tracking systems. This week was fairly uneventful. Symptoms remain the same, though I am starting to feel those first flutters and twinges that tell me the baby is alive and kicking (or jumping). Nausea remains the same, but I have had a few mornings where I actually have NOT been sick! Imagine that! I don't think I'm going to kick the whole NVP thing, but at least it's letting up for a bit. I figure I'll stay medicated anyway just to be on the safe side. I'm also still wearing my wrist bands, but this time around I'm not as happy with the fashion statement as I was with Matthew so I bought some fashion bracelets from a catalogue party (you remember those parties I went to, at the beginning of the month) just to jazz them up a bit.

I'm also on a bit of an emotional high at the time of writing this because a dear friend of mine has just given birth to her twins this weekend! So Yay to them!

Also - work on the room that is to become the nursery - and is currently our office - has officially begun. Yes, I know I'm only 15 weeks, but the room is such a disaster most of the time, I figure when I have the energy to move some stuff out of it, I will. Well this past Thursday, I had that energy. All of the random stuff we were storing in the room is out. The office supplies are still in there until we can decide where we're going to move that stuff too... and the baby's items have arrived in the room (not big furniture of course, it's a small room). So the baby has "presence" in the room.

This brings us to... Easter Weekend!

Friday: we all lounged around the house all day.

Saturday: a friend of ours from Toronto came up to stay with us so she could take part in Matthew's Easter egg hunt. This friend of ours absolutely adores him and the feeling is mutual. As I was putting him to bed Saturday night, he asked me if she would be there when he woke up. I told him yes she would, because she wanted to see what the Easter Bunny brought him. He immediately got confused. I didn't think Easter required any explanation this year. Apparently I was wrong. He got the concept last year, but this year he just didn't get it at all. First he thought there would be more than one bunny. In fact, he thought there would be lots of bunnies. I got that fairly straightened out. Then he thought he needed to stay up and wait for the Easter Bunny. I told him he was like Santa - he doesn't come unless you go to sleep. Then we were back to the multiple rabbits again. Finally I told him if he didn't go to sleep there wouldn't be any treats at all the next day. This seemed to work. Note to self: Easter needs a BIG lead-in next year. Maybe a bit of the religious aspect as well (we're not religious, but maybe I can make the whole weekend make more sense this way).

Sunday Morning: Matthew woke up and walked right downstairs. Didn't even notice the pile of candy outside his door. Mike went downstairs to hang out with him and stall the hunt 'til we could all wake up. Then, it was like pulling teeth to get him to understand what he was supposed to do. First he went to the front door to see if the Easter Bunny was there. Then he came back to us all confused saying, "the door isn't open." We said, "no buddy. The Bunny came last night! Look around and see if you can find candy!" We eventually got him to find the candy. All of it. Even the stuff in the refrigerator. Then we had to convince him it wasn't good breakfast food. He could have eggs for breakfast - just not the chocolate variety.

After that we had a lovely dinner with Mike's family. The boys got up to tons of no good, and the niece was as adorable as ever! There was more candy and more food and after dinner we kept the boys inside so they wouldn't run outside to play with the skunk in the backyard. Didn't have enough tomato juice to deal with that and, being Easter Sunday, couldn't go anywhere to get more. They were fine with that.

And that's what my week was like! Next week - OB appointment and a community theatre production of Brigadoon! Aaaand if the weather cooperates, a trip to Toronto's High Park on the weekend!

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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