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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 16
Dull Week, Great Weekend!

Greetings again!

So as has happened before, this week really didn't get going until the end... Symptoms remain the same - still getting the odd day where I'm not too horribly sick, but other than that... Oh, and I've developed a new symptom - forgive me this horrendous whine for a moment - Headaches. I normally don't get headaches and when I do, I presume they just hit me harder than they should so I try to ignore the pain and let them go. This usually works. And because of this I feel a tremendous amount of sorrow for people with migraines and the even-worse cluster headaches - I do not want to be in your position. Ever. Anyhoo, these days my usual tactics are not working. These are incredible all-consuming headaches. I don't believe they're migraines, I don't have any of the right symptoms for that. Just a continuous dull ache in my entire head. I broke down and medicated the last one - I know tylenol is safe, and I know advil is safe (for now anyway) but I don't want to get used to using them. I tend to get too used to it and start popping my favourite pain killers (usually advil) for the slightest pain and that would just get me headed down the wrong path - I mean, I've got a baby to deliver here. A little headache is nothing in comparison to that!

But... moving on with my week: Friday was the first visit to the OB! I'm seeing the same doctor I saw last time. She's moved across the street to a new building and has a very impressive new office - nicely decorated and very homey. I was half-expecting to see a fireplace at some moments. The other thing she's got going is scented air fresheners in every room. Now, I don't have any real scent aversion right now (save for coffee - especially if it hasn't had anything added to it yet), but I figured most pregnant women wouldn't want to experience a lot of scented things... Of course, I didn't say anything to her because... well... I didn't. Let's face it, she's a busy woman and I wanted to get all of my important questions out before I started discussing home/office decor trends with her. One of the really nice things about the visit was that she pretended to remember us from before! I thought that was really sweet. She asked if I'd had any bleeding yet so I told her about the last visit to the ER and she said, "yeah, we don't have that report." I told her I figured and gave her all the info she would need to get it. I also told her that no one could tell me what caused it but that no one seemed concerned since it eventually stopped on its own. This made her feel not quite so concerned. We also discussed my blood sugars. So she's sending a referral to the diabetes clinic down the road from her office - I imagine I'll be seeing them next week - they're pretty quick to get their gestational patients in. I am SOOOO not looking forward to that. I've been through this before, I remember the ropes, I don't mind following the diet, I don't mind going on the insulin. I just don't like the visits to the clinic. See? I've been diabetic once and already I'm a freakin' expert! On the bright side, maybe if I get all negative about it before I go it'll end up not being quite so bad. That'd be nice.

Oh - and we got to hear the heartbeat! Man does that ever make it real, eh? Seeing the baby in all its alien glory floating around in the uterus is one thing. Seeing the heart beating away is another thing. But hearing it - even before you've felt that first flutter or kick - it's just incredible!

Also - she had nothing negative to say about my blood pressure - that's a reassuring sign. Here's hoping it's good!

So moving on and out of my actual pregnancy - here's what else we got up to this weekend:

Friday night - saw a local theatre production of Brigadoon with a friend. It was a fantastic show!

Saturday - a trip to Toronto's High Park with my friend and my kid ... and the rest of Southern Ontario. Holy COW there were a lot of people there! And it seems we all decided the best way to get there was by car! So parking was at a minimum! I think it actually took us longer to park than it did to drive there (the drive home wasn't much better). But we had a great picnic, a great walk, Matthew had a great time playing at the playground, and we checked out the zoo. We got to see lots of dogs - including a border collie I would have gladly taken from its owners should they have asked. He was a sweetheart! We had some really great over-priced ice cream from an ice cream truck and Matthew had his first red, white, and blue popsicle (yes, they are as good as you remember them).

Sunday - we hung around the house for a bit. Then my Mom came by for a short visit so I could show her baby stuff, discuss the rearranging of furniture that we will have to do (Mom has a knack for these things - I do too, but I'm having some serious trouble visualizing what needs to be done), oh - and so she could play with Matthew - it's been a while. After mom left, the three of us ran out and got our hair cut. Mike's been needing it for a while. Matthew's hair was starting to look like a mushroom and I've already been sick into my hair once - that's enough for me - so I cut mine to a more manageable length. Then, the piece de resistance - Mike's parents came over to look after Matthew so we could go out to The Keg for dinner! I am soooo glad I can eat steak in this pregnancy! I could hardly eat any meat with Matthew - this is great! Dinner was excellent as always. I once read that date night has nothing to do with keeping the adult relationship alive and everything to do with not having to put your toddler to bed. I agree with this notion in most cases - and this was one of those cases. However, this particular date night did not result in us not having to put the pre-schooler to bed. We still had to put him to bed as we got home from our dinner before they got home from theirs. Ah well, it was entirely worth it and there is still a promise of another night when they'll take the kid overnight for us! Gotta' love the Grandparents!

And that about wraps it up for this week. Bring on Week 17! I'm ready!
~ Heather

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