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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 17
What a week!

You may recall that last week ended with a child-less trip to a fantastic steak house for my very belated birthday. Well, I purposely left some of my steak and potato so I could have a wicked awesome lunch at work on Monday. It tasted even better as leftovers! Absolutely scrumptious! Of course, the squidget didn't seem to agree and my entire lunch was rejected back out the way it came. I am so glad I take my anti-nauseants on a regular basis. They work so well. *cry* Lost my lunch on Wednesday too and all I was trying to eat then was rice. RICE! With both meals I blame the fruit I was trying to eat at the same time. Too much acid I guess. However, my gastric pyrotechnics were GREATLY overshadowed by Tuesday's events.

First thing of note that happened on Tuesday is that Matthew got into the milk and painted the kitchen with it in the few minutes it took me to brush my teeth. I did extremely well not to lay a finger on him for it. But my voice entered a register I had not previously heard come out of me. I got it kind of cleaned up and told him he had lost television for the day and that I would get in touch with Daddy later to figure out what else was going to happen. Mike decided Matthew would help him clean the entire main floor of the house.

Meanwhile at work...

It was a dreary, nasty, cold, rainy day. A customer returned after she had left to see if we could help her get a kitten out from under her car. I ran out with a cane to try to drag the poor creature out. The kitten was sitting right under her front passenger wheel and was not interested in leaving any time soon. We convinced it to leave her car but then it ran under another one. My love of all animals especially cats and my whacked-out emotional state kicked in. It was now my mission to get absolutely covered in mud to make sure this creature did not get killed by any of our cars. I eventually succeeded in pulling it out from under another car by its front leg. I wrapped it in my coat and then realized it was a very tiny baby cat - its eyes were open but it looked WAY too young to be away from Mama. So I looked around for litter mates or adult cats - the poor critter was completely alone. So I took it to the vet. Somewhere along the line I thought briefly that I had done something incredibly stupid... okay, a LOT of incredibly stupid things:

1) I had actually touched a stray cat. It could have been disease-ridden. It could have had fleas or lice or rabies or some other nasty thing, the treatment of which would kill my unborn baby should I become infected.

2) I'm pregnant - what was I doing crawling around under cars in the rain in a parking lot?

3) I can't afford to look after a new kitten - the first year is really expensive!

4) What was I going to tell Mike?

5) I already have a very territorial cat - how well is this going to go over.

The vet got the cat cleaned up and screened him for all sorts of nasty viruses. He was clear. No fleas or lice either. This was comforting. Oh - and he's six weeks old if he's a day. I tried to email Mike - no luck, the computer at work was not cooperating and then I realised he was on his way home and I did NOT want to leave that message on the answering machine (that he probably wouldn't check anyway). So I stunned him at the door.

It's been almost a week and we're still married. I guess that's good. The kitten has also worked his way into our hearts. He has to stay in isolation until we know if he's rabid or not (should know by the end of next week) and he can't play with Hamlet (the existing cat) until he's had all his shots (three more weeks). Hamlet's being VERY good about it. I've let them sniff each other and they seem to be okay with the idea. But the kitten is afraid of Matthew - understandable. Most animals are funny around the younger humans - they're unpredictable.

Aaaaand it looks like he's staying with us for the long term. A few people have told me I'm crazy for taking on a kitten when I'm pregnant. I said, "it takes about a day to train a kitten. I've got 5 months of pregnancy left. The kitten will be all settled in by the time the baby arrives." Besides he has to be okay by the time the baby arrives - he's currently living in the soon-to-be-nursery. And no worries, I'm not touching the litter.

But back to pregnancy news: So you've noticed the nausea remains the same (I just really wish the barfing would stick to a schedule). I have not yet been to the diabetes clinic - that's this coming week. I also have to get around to my IPS #2 blood work. I imagine I'll find some time on Wednesday (clinic day). I have not felt so much as a flutter from the squirt yet (I have now officially decided the stuff I felt earlier was gas). I realise it's still early but I felt Matthew so freakishly early that I'm getting bored waiting this time. On the other hand I am acutely aware of the exact location of my round ligaments. Not horrible pain, but I know not to roll over too quickly in the mornings. Oh - and as soon as I wrote about it, the headaches disappeared. So, whoever was responsible for that little miracle, would you care to look after the morning sickness thing for me? That'd be great!

That's about it for now. I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day (or Mother-to-be Day) and I look forward to writing all about this coming week! (maybe more pregnancy news and less kitten news)

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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