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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 18
Heigh Ho Heigh Ho It's Off to the DEC* I go!

*Diabetes Education Centre

Greetings everyone!

Yes, this week was my first trip to see some people who purport to know a thing or two about being pregnant and diabetic (being diabetic because you're pregnant, that is).

But first... I get to keep the kitten! We've named him Ozy. It's pronounced the same as Ozzy or Ozzie but is short for Ozymandias. I'd get into it here, but if you haven't heard of the poem, it's on Wikipedia. Check it out. It's pretty cool. In a history-english nerd kind of way.

Now, back to the DEC visit. This was a satellite DEC that I attended. The head office is in a town that's all of about 10 minutes away from mine. And the satellite doesn't include an actual doctor - just a dietitian and a nurse. Long story short - I'm not on insulin yet.

Short story long (with some ranting) - The appointment lasted 2 hours. That's 2 hours of going over everything I learned when I was pregnant with Matthew. That's two hours of trying very hard (with little to no success) to convince a dietitian that I was not going to be able to take in any more than 38g of carbohydrates for breakfast - in the form of a bottle of meal replacement and that there is absolutely no way I'm going to eat fish two nights a week. I don't like fish (or any kind of seafood) when I don't have a stomach that is in constant revolt - please tell me how I'm supposed to eat it now! But just to be nice to her theories I tried some salmon last night. It didn't smell too bad while it was cooking and I made a ton of pasta salad (there goes my entire evening's carb count right there) to hide it.

It didn't work.

So I'm staying away from fish as originally planned. Hey, Matthew did okay without it. I also calmed the nurse down by telling her that I was faithful in taking my prenatal vitamins for months before conception and clear up until week 7 (after the neural tube had closed) when I just couldn't take them anymore because they were making me sick. Now, the nurse listened to me a lot better than the dietitian did. The nurse was willing to entertain the idea that I had a pretty good idea of what I needed to do and that I would get going on that as soon as someone put me on insulin. So for the most part we just chatted about working in healthcare (yes fellow Ontarians, this chat was paid for by our tax dollars).

But again, this took two hours. It could have been over in half an hour and I could have actually gone to work! I would have learned more there!

So now I get to attend the head office location this coming Tuesday. And with any luck then I'll be able to start on some insulin and get these sugars under control so I don't give birth to a giant baby with busted shoulders!

The rest of the week was nice. Really nice. This weekend it was pouring rain so we all hung out inside - with the 3 and a half year old... Matthew - and did some playing, some cleaning, and some sleeping. Saturday was a really sleepy day for me. It seemed every few hours I'd sit down on the couch, the kitten would hop up on my chest and we'd both fall asleep (hey, kittens are almost as closely related to hot water bottles as are newborn babies).

And now, it's back to the grind tomorrow - this coming weekend we will have a trip to the zoo to see some penguins as well as a trip up north to Dad's cottage to help throw a dock in the water (well, the menfolk will. I'll be hanging out inside, not lifting things like that).

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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