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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 19
Thank You Doctors and All the Other Guys Who Worked With You

So I'm finally on insulin! This trip to the DEC headquarters in sunny Newmarket, I got to meet with a nurse and dietitian who both understood the concept of 24-hour morning sickness. They also fully understood that after I lose an entire meal, I'm more likely to follow up with something that tastes good rather than something that is good. So they told the doctor I needed to start insulin right away.

And I did.

In fact, I started it right after my visit because I REALLY needed some lunch. Which I overdid. But I took the amount of insulin they told me to use for a regular meal. Two hours later my sugars were REALLY high. So I thought, "I know how to fix this." (because I'm cocky) I took about 3 units too many and not long after my sugars plummeted. (because I'm stupid) I could feel all the symptoms of low blood sugar, but since I've been hanging out in the too-high range I figured I'd test first to see what I needed to do. Aaaand the test came back saying, "yeah, you should eat."

You'll be glad to know I haven't been quite that stupid since. I've underestimated a few times, but things are getting better.

And on to the rest of the week. Friday I took the day off because Matthew's babysitter was closed. We hung out at home, played outside in the way-too-hot-for-me weather, I cleaned the car out (it desperately needed it) and I put the double stroller together and when we came back inside I collapsed on the couch. This is when I most definitely felt the baby move. No mistakes this time. This was the baby shifting around and getting comfy. I've felt it a few more times since then, but I'm thinking I'm just really not going to feel this one as much as I did with Matthew. At this point with Matthew he was driving me crazy all day long.

Saturday: a lovely trip to the zoo with a bunch of really good friends to see the new African Penguin exhibit. I love penguins. I mean, I'm kind of crazy about them. Okay, a LOT crazy about them. The weather was great, we all had a fantastic time at the zoo and then we went out for a Chinese Buffet dinner and stuffed ourselves silly (underestimated on the carb intake at the meal as well).

This brings us to Sunday - today. We were supposed to go up to my Dad's cottage to help put the dock in. It's about a two and a half hour drive from where we live when the traffic is good - which it was as it is pouring rain and cool here today. We got to within an hour away from the cottage when Dad called me and said, "don't come, we're having major toilet issues." That's right, the plumbing system is shot. There is no back-up outhouse. This cottage has been around too long for that so it's been upgraded significantly. So we turned around and came home. Poor Matthew was not having a great time on this scenic car ride.

However, this gives us all the time we need to a) clean the house, b) go to the grocery store, and c) complete all other preparations necessary for the little afternoon tea we're having tomorrow to meet Kaye's new babies!

So that's it for now.

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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