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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 20
Aaaaand We're Now Officially Half-Baked!

Woo-hoo! Half way there! Anything after today is smooth sailing!

Okay okay, so there are still about four and a half months left but - that sure feels better to me than six or seven! I'm on a bit of an emotional high now because of this.

Now then, back to my week.

On Monday we got to see Kaye and Aaron and the kids and I'm happy to report that everyone is doing just fine and dandy! We had a great visit. It's been a long time since we all got together.

Tuesday and Wednesday were fairly uneventful. I now go to the Diabetes Clinic once a week so I had to rearrange my work schedule. I am very fortunate to work at a place where I can do that easily. It's not just because my Dad is the boss - it really is that easy to switch up your schedule there if you need to.

Moving right along to Thursday - we had the 18-20 week ultrasound! We don't want to know what the baby is which was fortunate because the baby was being extremely ornery and was lying on its back with no signs of ever flipping over so we could get a nice profile shot. So no pictures either. But the technician told me I'd be back for another one and they'd more than likely be able to get one then. Yay! I like the pictures. Even if I don't want to know what the baby is, I still love having something tangible to connect to my pregnancy at this stage of the game.

Friday morning was the beginning of a downward shift for me. I woke up that morning feeling nasty as usual. The morning sickness is a little easier to bear now, but it has not gone away completely. I have nausea all the time, but the actual vomiting has slowed down quite a bit. I suppose this is why it caught me off guard on Friday morning. I woke up from my Diclectin coma, went downstairs, drank my meal replacement and promptly fell asleep on the couch. Somewhere in there I forgot I was diabetic and didn't take any insulin. I woke up to Matthew hitting me in the head. Hard. I truly came to this time. I went upstairs for a shower - still forgetting to take my morning doses of meds. I got ready for my day and went downstairs to check my post-breakfast blood glucose and it was okay. Then the nausea wave hit. HARD. I knew I wouldn't make it to the bathroom so I leaned over the sink and did what was necessary. Afterwards I saw Hamlet (our older cat) crying because Ozy (the baby cat) was eating his food. I took Ozy up to his room, got him some food, and closed his door for the day (I needed to leave soon for work). I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth (and take the medicine I'd been forgetting all morning) when I looked in the mirror. I could not believe what I saw. Now, way back when I was pregnant with Matthew the occasional episode of vomiting would break some capillaries in my face... So I'd look like I had spider veins in my face. I was prepared for this. I was not prepared for what this baby did to my face. It looked like someone had gone at me with purple, red, and maroon markers and drawn little dots all around my eyes, on my chin, and creeping up my earlobes. I had a brief moment where I thought I could get away with a bit of concealer (if I could find it) but I quickly realised this was not going to work. The last time I wore makeup was about three years ago - so I ripped my bathroom apart looking for something, anything that could cover this up. All I could find was a half-a-shade-too-dark mineral powder. I decided that was better than nothing and went to work looking like I had a tan and an acne breakout - which was better than looking like something out of Star Trek. I made a mental note to pick up more makeup at work that would actually suit the purpose.

Saturday still required makeup - I felt very over-dressed when my friend and I took Matthew to McDonald's for lunch so he could play himself out at the PlayPlace. We had a great afternoon there. Matthew wore himself out and, of course, did not fall asleep on the car ride home. So when we were debating whether to go out for dinner or get take-out, our decision was pretty easy (never take an over-tired pre-schooler to a restaurant unless it's McDonald's).

Which brings us to Sunday. As I sit typing at my computer I am also preparing my examination applications for the final Pharmacy Technician Registration exams. Yes, I do plan on sitting them while I am pregnant because if I wait 'til after the baby is born, I won't have any time to prepare and I'll be sleep-deprived. I figure at this stage of the game, I'll just have to use the bathroom a lot. And snacks won't be a problem as they encourage us to bring them to the exams. I am also actively ignoring the fact that our room needs to have a big furniture rearrangement to accommodate some of the furniture in the baby's room (which is currently Ozy's room). At some point we'll get on with this. I know it! At least we don't need to decorate it. The room was painted a nursery-suitable yellow before Matthew was born. All we have to do is ship the furniture out, and ship the crib in - oh, and get Matthew a new dresser so we can use the somewhat decrepit dresser/change table that we used for Matthew.

But it will come in time, I know it will!

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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