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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 21
Yep - Still Pregnant

There's a book that I have about pregnancy that leads the reader through the baby's development week by week. It's somewhere around week 37 where you get the idea that there's not really much to report - just that any time now is good to deliver the baby. All that week's entry says is something along the lines of "the baby's lungs are hard at work producing surfactant."

That's a lot like what this week felt like. Nothing terribly interesting to report. But I'm good at rambling, so I should be able to give you something to read. Monday my horrendous facial markings started to fade away only to return when I started heaving horribly on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Thursday was no better. Friday I gathered up all my strength and fought very hard to keep my breakfast down. By Friday morning you could barely tell that there was anything amiss and by Sunday, as I sit here writing, there is nothing left. Even the whiteheads are gone. The clearing up of the skin is a welcome occurrence. The nausea is still there but I can handle it.

My blood sugars are around the excellent mark. I seem to be handling the concept much better this time around. I'm not afraid to use as much insulin as I need to get those numbers down where they're supposed to be.

Tuesday I had an appointment at the DEC - they were running an hour and a half behind schedule. There was a waiting room full of very hungry, pregnant diabetic women. So we handled it the only way we knew how - we whined for a bit to each other and came up with creative ideas for ways they could make the wait better for us. Pizza delivery and in-house manicure/pedicure/facial services were decided to be the best options.

Tuesday afternoon I took Ozy for his booster shots at the vet - he was less than thrilled with the vet, but the car ride didn't seem to bother him at all. That was a really pleasant change. None of my pets (and over the years I've had three dogs and four cats) have ever liked car rides. Good boy Ozy!

Wednesday was the latest monthly appointment with the OB. She was running nice and quickly as usual. She was however the victim of a conspiracy that day as none of the babies were cooperating with her - every one of them hid from the Doppler so she had a really hard time finding the heart beat... I told her I knew the baby was in there 'cause I could feel it. I swear she pushed that wand right through my abdomen trying to find the little squirt. But at last she located it. Now, in my particular case, the baby has been particularly uncooperative - remember last week? The ultrasound? Yeah, the baby was lying on its stomach so we couldn't see its face or its heart. We could tell the heart was beating, but that's it. No structural view. So we've booked my next one - June 22. With any luck, we'll be able to determine the heart is structurally sound. Hang in there folks, I might have pictures for that week!

In preparation news, diaper bags were on sale this week at my favourite baby-stuff store - where we had gift cards! My old diaper bag was a discount store special and lasted a good three years but is falling apart in more places than I care to try to fix. So we got a new one! This one looks like it may just be awesome enough to go the distance. It even has two good-sized thermal pockets. The breastfeeding did not do Mommy any good the last time around (anxiety, panic, crippling depression all mixed together with incredibly flat nipples) and I'm not planning on trying it this time - so somewhere to store bottles is a good thing.

Also - I've come up with a preliminary idea of where the furniture in the office/kitten's-room-soon-to-be-nursery will go when it gets moved to our room! My mother and I have always love arranging furniture. But this has been killing us. Provided it doesn't look crazy, we should be able to move the office into our bedroom and not have it feel like we're sleeping next to the computer and the bills. Next... Matthew needs a new dresser 'cause his will be moving to the baby's room. Now... if only we could pick a boy's name... and an alternate girl's name as one of my friends and my cousin are both having girls before me (July and September respectively).

So that's about it for this week. Here's hoping something exciting happens next week!

'Til then,
~ Heather

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