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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 23
Family Visit!

Sorry for the delay folks. I haven't been near a computer all weekend and only just got home around dinner time on Monday sooooo here's what my week has been like.

Pregnancy - nausea and vomiting: the same (without the scary burst blood vessels and Hallowe'en face). Diabetes - all over the place. I'm high, I'm low, I figure somewhere in there I'm leveling out maybe... And this weekend did nothing to help those numbers. The Clinic appointment tomorrow should be fun. Yay. Baby moving? Check. Baby moving a lot? No not really. Again, it was soooooo different with Matthew. By this point he was kicking me all over the place and all the time. This baby kicks mostly just after meals or whenever I get comfortable. But it's not kicking hard enough to make me need to move.

But now down the the fun stuff! This past weekend we packed our bags and a cooler and some toys for the kid and headed on the scenic, long drive to Canada's Capital region (and down the river a bit) to visit with some of Mike's family. It was an Aunt's birthday. However, since we have friends in the region, we took a couple extra days around our weekend so we could visit them.

Our drive there was a bit longer than usual as there was an ENORMOUS traffic snarl on the major highway we take to get there. So we had to take a slightly scenic route until we got around the snarl. And boooooooooyyyy did my ankles swell! Seriously, with about two hours to go I looked down at them and realized that if we wanted to we could possibly support a house on them. However, they didn't hurt, they didn't feel numb, they didn't hold a finger print so I figured all was well. Oh - and the swelling was gone the next morning. We stayed at Mike's cousin's place where they were most gracious and forgiving of the craziness that is a visit from our family (after all, Matthew is a VERY busy three year old). Every time we stay there we extend the offer to come visit us and stay at our place. This fall it might just happen. Looks like they have holiday time coming up right around when the baby's due!

The Aunt's birthday was beautiful and fun. There was good music, good food, and good company. Also, the weather was great! I don't think we could have had a better day if we'd ordered it special.

Aaaaaannnndddd we got to see Kaye and the family! Ella's doing well, despite Matthew playing with all her toys. The boys are also looking quite well and one of them even let me hold him for a really long time. Kaye and Aaron look significantly more awake than the last time we saw them (but then the boys were only about a month old then, so they were really sleep-deprived). Looks like they're getting accustomed to the complete lack of sleep (I think it's bad enough with one, I can't imagine what it must be like with a toddler and twins). Also, notice I said, "accustomed." I will not go so far as to presume they're happy about it. And I didn't even open that topic of conversation. Anyhoo, it was great seeing them again. No one's sure when we'll all get together again, but I imagine I'll have two kids the next time it happens and the boys will probably be cruising at that point.

Our drive home was significantly less eventful than the drive there. We made it home in really good time and Matthew slept for a really good portion of the trek. Looks like a belly full of pasta is the way to go! Also, my ankles didn't swell as badly this time. Now if I can just get my sugar levels down into the single digits (using mmol/L scale), all will be well.

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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