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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 24
Keeping Busy

Greetings once again!

This week was mostly appointments for me and one small party on the weekend. These parties have to stop. I have no self-control and this is really not good for the diabetes or the baby. My biggest problem is that I am currently craving SWEET. Nothing but SWEET. So I apologize openly and publicly now to my store's front shop manager for ordering all that Fresca for me. At least I've managed to hook the staff on it too so it won't sit in the cooler taking up space forever.

But anyhoo - back to my week. Monday, as you might recall, we returned from our whirlwind trip to Canada's Capital Region. I learned on that trip that I don't travel well where my diet and glucose control is concerned. I have since learned from other diabetics that I am not the only one. So, on Tuesday, still resembling the Michelin Man, I went to the Diabetes Clinic. I caught some serious poop from them for packing on the weight too quickly and before they could say anything about my weekend numbers I reminded them that I was not at home and did not want to monkey around too much with my basal insulin only to find that I had to change it all again when I got home. They kept mum about that. In good news however, my A1C is down to 5.6 (in Canada this is pretty much right on target). So somewhere in there I'm doing something right. Oh - and the five pounds I'd packed on since the previous visit? Water. I'd lost it all by Thursday.

Wednesday, I had my follow-up anatomical ultrasound to see if the baby would cooperate and let us see its face and heart. It did. I'm sure the technician also got to see what it was. But she was good. She didn't slip and I still don't know what it is. I did finally get pictures though! Oh, and when we were looking at the profile, the baby reached up and smacked itself in the face. I think it might have actually given us a facepalm. I told it not to smack itself in the face; that its big brother would be more than willing to do that for it.

Thursday I finally managed to drag myself back into work. I tell ya', these two-day work weeks are just awful! (well, awful in the bank account anyway)

Saturday was a friend's birthday party. I managed to leave Matthew at home with Mike so Matthew could go to bed on time and I could actually enjoy myself. Oh and I did! I ate too much, I sat on my butt too much, and I had a fantastic time! I also kept a relatively decent food log this week so I could write down what was happening while I was there so at least when the Clinic sees my numbers I'll remember what I was doing. I've got a serious case of pregnancy brain this time around. If I don't write it down, it either didn't happen, or it won't happen (depending on where we're writing). The party was great! Everyone had a great time.

Which brings us around to Sunday - not much today. Took the kid to the mall with a friend of mine and we let him play in the little indoor playground they have. Then we had a quick dinner and the kid and I returned home to play 'til he went to bed. Now I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. I've really got to learn to stop packing so many things into each weekend. Oh, and I do believe I've felt my first official Braxton Hicks. I remember them from Matthew (vaguely) and this one seemed even more textbook with the intensifying and the ebbing. But it went away pretty quickly, so yay for that!

This week should be interesting. I've finally managed to get all of my appointments booked into the same day. I've got the Diabetes Clinic in the morning, the OB in the early afternoon, and the kitten gets to go the vet in the late afternoon! What fun! Ah well, trips to the OB always end up with something interesting happening. So...

Until next week!
~ Heather

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