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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 25
Happy Canada Day/4th of July!

If you're Canadian, Happy Canada Day! If you're American, Happy Independence Day! If you just happened to be in either country over the past weekend, Happy Excuse for Fireworks/Party Day(s)

So the fetus is now 25 weeks old... If it were in years, we'd be celebrating our Silver Anniversary. Maybe that's why 25 weeks seems so significant to me. Of course, if my baby were to pop out on its own at this point there's a very strong chance it could survive. I also understand it's about 13 1/2" long now. I'm starting to suspect the people who told me it was about the size of a spaghetti squash a month ago have not seen the average spaghetti squash I've seen. I also highly doubt this baby will pop out early. Call it "mother's intuition" or anything else you like, but I'm fairly certain this pregnancy will not end in any kind of spontaneous labour. I imagine I'll be induced like I was the last time. My OB won't let me continue to be pregnant after October 15th so if things don't move on their own before that, I'll be induced. 100% induction is not what I consider the ideal way to give birth but, like a scheduled section, it does work out well for my type A personality.

Anyhoo, we've got a couple of months yet before that becomes anything remotely resembling an issue.

So moving on...

Symptom check-in:

Nausea and Vomiting? Yep.

Second Trimester Energy? Yeah, but it's waning - rapidly

Diabetes? Progressing (at least that means the placenta is still working its hardest!)

Food aversions? Oh yeah - but not that bad. Still don't like the smell of black coffee. The weirdest thing here is that I really don't like Kraft Dinner (dehydrated, boxed macaroni and cheese for our readers who may never have heard of this)... This is not normal for me. Non-pregnant I could eat a whole box (preferably cooked and prepared and without the cardboard wrapping), but during this pregnancy, all I taste is salt and flour. It's like the cheese (or cheese byproduct) isn't even there. I am most sad about this. However, since it's not the most wholesome food substance out there, I suppose this is a good thing for me.

But I suppose now you're wondering what we've managed to accomplish in terms of getting ready for the baby? Not much. There's been too much life getting in the way of that. Basically we're killing time 'til it's not so freaking early to get the nursery set up (probably early September or late September - the middle of September will be too hectic for that). The room is already painted, so we don't have to worry about that. The furniture is in the basement waiting for its time to come upstairs. I've already got the going-home outfit (in two different sizes in case I give birth to a linebacker). We've got bottles, we've got a diaper bag, the car seat just needs to be installed. So we're just playing the hurry up and wait game. I'm not terribly patient. Have I mentioned that before? I'm really not. I'm all about the instant gratification and it's really difficult to grow a baby fast. So we've got things planned for just about every second weekend to help speed time along.

For instance, this past weekend was Canada Day. I love it when Canada Day falls on a weekend. Matthew got to attend his first ever Fireworks display. It was bright, it was loud, it was exciting. He loved it! He only got scared during the really big displays with the multiple explosions. The next day we went to Toronto to see the Blue Jays take on the Phillies. Once again, our Jays showed a tremendous inability to understand the point of the game, and lost. We've been going as a big/growing family (Mike's parents, Mike's brother and his family and us) for a few years now (and generally more than one game a season) and not once have the boys seen fit to win for us. My sister-in-law has been saying for a few years we should put some money on the visiting team. We'd either win money or lose money, but the loss would mean the Jays won - either way, a satisfactory outcome. At least we got a bit of excitement at this game: a big fight among the players, and a fan broke loose on the field. Childish, but amusing as a spectator. Oh and the noise over those back-to-back events had Matthew most upset. He was missing a nap and it showed.

For now though, another week has come to an end and I must sign off before I start rambling about nothing in particular.

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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