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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 27
The 3rd Trimester Is so Close I Can Almost Taste It!

. . . or was that breakfast?

That's right folks, according to some books I'm already in the third trimester at the time of writing this entry - in others, I have to wait a week. Either way here are my current symptoms:

Nausea/Vomiting - back with a vengeance

Heartburn - predictably worse as the uterus and its contents push up up up on my stomach, etc. (thinking this might be the cause of the last symptom)

Fatigue - oh yes, but I got some lovely napping in this past weekend. I apologize occasionally to Matthew for being so sleepy all the time and I try to tell him that I know I'm not much fun. He just looks at me and says, "that's okay Mommy." God he's cute.

Nesting - kicked in a little early. If only I weren't so exhausted! My house would be spotless!

But enough whining from me, what you really want to know is . . . what was my week like?

Weeeellll, on Tuesday I went maternity clothes shopping with my mother-in-law. It was time to get me some decent work clothes. So I got to play princess trying on anything and everything (and quickly realizing the saleswoman was working on commission), and even some things that totally weren't going to fit right. After that, we had lunch at a fantastic Italian joint, then went shopping at the mall across the street where I actually found a dress that fit in a regular size store!

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were work days, so mostly I went to work and then came home and crashed on the couch where I felt sorry for myself and wished I was at week 37.

Saturday, I caught up on my mega naps because I was also mega sick with the all-day morning sickness. So much for my planned shopping excursion (still need some more of the finer undergarments). I didn't really come to until dinner time. Again, poor Matthew really isn't getting any time with Mom. At least when the baby's born, it'll be a different kind of exhaustion. I won't be drowsy from the anti-nauseants, or from being sick all day. I'll just be sleep-deprived and really, I can be a lot of fun when I'm sleep-deprived.

Sunday saw us at another baseball game with the whole family where once again the Blue Jays forgot how to play the game. This time there weren't any fan interruptions or total dislike of umpires. When the Jays went up for their last shot at bat, it was 7 - 2 for the other team. This wasn't a valiant effort - this was lambs to the slaughter. And the score stuck at 7 - 2. Is it really so much to ask for them to win just one stinkin' game for us? Just one?

Oh! And in other big news, we got the letter from Matthew's school telling us when he will start and what days he will be going. He is a Monday, Wednesday, alternating Friday kid and he begins what passes for classes on September 12. I'm looking forward to seeing him grow up and to the days off when he's at school and I'm on mat leave but I imagine I'll be a blubbering mess on the actual day. I have more separation anxiety than he does.

Anyhoo, that's it for this exciting week in my life, stay tuned for next week's adventures!

'Til then,
~ Heather

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