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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Week 28
Holy Heat Wave, Batman!

So, much like the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, Canada - more specifically my part of Ontario, has been working through a massive heat wave this past week. One of the reasons I love living in Canada so much is that it's fairly cool here most of the time. We do have our fair share of warm summer days, but I like winter and fall - they're my favourite seasons. I don't enjoy the heat when I'm not pregnant. In fact, even as a kid I didn't like the heat. So here I am, pregnant in the summer (again) because we didn't plan it very well (again), in a heat wave, and downright miserable (and not much fun to be around). *whine* But I see there are supposed to be some decent thunderstorms over the next 24 hours and maybe just maybe, they'll take away some of the humidity. That would be nice.

But now that my intense whining is over... back to my week.

When we weren't sweltering in insane humidity levels, I was at... work. But apart from that, I had a Diabetes Clinic appointment and did so well over my last two weeks completely on my own that I don't have to go back for THREE weeks! Man am I excited about that! But this coming week I have a very early morning appointment with my OB. Given that I really don't do mornings during this pregnancy, I figure I'll just bring a paper bag along. Oh, and Mike is going to look after getting Matthew off to the babysitter so I can out the door on time. Wish me luck!

At the end of this past week I got to have a night off by running away to Toronto to hide out in a hotel with a friend of mine. Mike was left with Matthew and I was pleased to find both of them in good shape and good spirits when I got home. And this was after Mike's car broke down on Friday - had to put a new rad in it, but the good people at the local Honda dealership fixed it all up and it is once again drivable. Woo-hoo! My weekend away was filled with good food and some downtown T.O. fun but neither of us can stay up very late these days. My friend gets up every morning at stupid o'clock to go to work at a daycare and I need to get the Diclectin in me at a decent hour so I can get up at a reasonable hour in the morning. There was also a very nice indoor pool at the hotel. It was heated but the water was still cooler than the air, so I know I was comfy. The best part of that was the weight shift that comes with floating. My centre of gravity has only recently changed with the baby deciding it can fly around wherever it wants and I'm starting to feel heavy. The water took that all away and it was very relaxing. If it didn't cost so much to stay there, I'd be back in a flash. We had vouchers for the buffet breakfast so that didn't cost us a cent. The food was really good. Even the slightly wet steam-table scrambled eggs were edible. The truly nice thing about the breakfast buffet was that we could go to it at a time when my morning sickness would allow me to enjoy food. It was great. A very enjoyable weekend.

Aaand, that's really about it for this week.

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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