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Week 30
Another Short Week with a LOT of Stuff Packed in it!

Wow! Another week has rushed by just like that! Of course, my week was shortened by not working 'til Wednesday and then taking Friday off but still.

Monday was Civic Holiday so we had the day off work - and as usual, poor Mike spent most of Sunday working very late. I believe he went to bed on Monday morning as Matthew and I were getting up. So, I packed up Matthew and some stuff in the car and we drove to sunny Fergus, Ontario to hang out with a friend of mine from University. Matthew's listening ears broke shortly after lunch and did not repair until the next morning.

The next day, Tuesday, was filled with fun and excitement when we got together with the sister-in-law, the niece and nephew and took all the kids to the Ontario Science Centre - mostly so I could see the reptile exhibit. There's a slim possibility that the kids remember that part of the trip. We checked out the reptiles before heading up to the KidSpark zone where the kiddies played for what felt like an eternity. Then we took them all to dinner at a nearby restaurant where their meals were served in cardboard pickup trucks. I cannot begin to describe how happy that made Matthew. He had seen a picture of the truck and I had convinced him it was just a picture and he would not be getting one. He was disappointed but accepting. So, when his meal showed up in a truck, I informed the server that she had made his year.

Wednesday and Thursday passed without incident for the family, but on the pregnancy side of things - I apparently made a huge mistake at bedtime Thursday night by deciding that my sugars were high enough and not eating a snack. An hour after I went to bed I was back downstairs treating a 2.4 (43.2 for the Americans - stinkin' low for anyone who doesn't speak either scale). I remember looking in the fridge and cursing myself for having finished all the juice (best treatment for a sugar that low) then remembering I had a small juice box in my purse. It was waiting for that to kick in when my temperature started to fluctuate and I was more uncomfortable than I remember being during the hardest points of labour with Matthew - I just wanted it to STOP. The 15 to 20 minutes that it takes to get over that feeling when treating a low blood sugar seems like an eternity at the time. When you start to come around and your fight or flight response settles down a bit, things get better... then you're exhausted. So naturally, I fell asleep. With all the lights and the television on (not sure why I turned that on - I didn't have glasses on, it's not like I could see anything - I didn't even have it set to a station, I was on the initial start up screen that Rogers has). I woke up about 3 and a half hours later (4:30) and decided it was time to go to bed. Matthew got up at 6:30. Gotta' love him!

Friday morning I managed to get Matthew off to daycare and then went back home to make myself beautiful for the Ultrasound Technician du jour. This is ultrasound one of four. The most exciting thing this time was that the baby was lying on its side and looking right at us! It was also head-down and we actually got to see it boot me in the stomach (at least I'm not hallucinating that one). I'm also going to believe that all the movement I've been feeling in the lower region of the uterus is the baby's hand waving around. It seems to love having its hand near its face already! Not full thumb sucking, but somewhere near its face seems good enough.

Saturday we headed off to a family reunion for my Grandmother's family - I got to meet a bunch of cousins I had never met before and all was going well (despite the rain) until my cousin and his almost-Matthew's-age-but-not-quite daughter left. Then Matthew's ears broke again and there was no dealing with him. I was also getting tired and hot (humid) and we were both sick of fighting with him. So we packed up the kid and took him home. He managed to continue being a little brat that evening and lost stories with Mom (this is his favourite part of the getting ready for bed routine). He had to settle with Stories with Dad.

Sunday: A birthday party for one of the kids from daycare followed by a trip to Wasaga Beach. This was Matthew's first real birthday party (i.e. not one with family). He did fairly well. The craziness was equal across all the kids there. No one kid was any worse or better than the rest. It's always nice to not be the kid no one wants to see again. The trip to Wasaga was great. We hung out with Mike's family and all the kids. We got wet, ate snacks, the kids played at the little-giant playground and then we all went out to dinner - where again, the kid's meals were served in cardboard pickup trucks.

And then we headed home - a long day. Matthew really had no troubles going to sleep.

And that's about it for now. I must sign off and go see what's happening with the old blood sugars before I retire for the evening.

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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