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Week 31
Yay! Single Digit Countdown!

. . . but wait . . . that means there are only two months left. Well now I'm running out of time to do stuff before the baby gets here. I'll just take a deep breath and try not to give into my desire to eat emotionally.

And back to week 31 we go.

This week saw a trip to the Diabetes Clinic where they simultaneously told me my numbers were a little high and that I was doing really well. I left confused as usual and decided I would keep doing what I was doing (self-adjusting) and hope for the best.

The day after the trip to the Clinic I saw my OB. All is well on her end. I figure if she's happy, I'm happy. The appointment was scheduled for 8:35am - With all the anti-nauseants I'm on, I really can't do 8:35 appointments. I just don't wake up that quickly. And I was sick that morning so that made me take even longer. I was twenty minutes late. Not that it really bothered anyone 'cause they were a little backed up anyway. When the OB asked me how the nausea/vomiting was, I gave her a big grin and said, "I was sick this morning!" She asked if I thought the Diclectin was helping at all and I told her I could manage with it and sure wasn't going to try stopping it. Not with 8 weeks left.

Then . . .

The weekend arrived. Saturday we got to go to another birthday party for one of Matthew's daycare friends. It was originally scheduled for the beach in a nearby town, but it turns out that town decided to have a big city-fest there that day so we went to the friend's house instead. The kids had a blast playing outside (lots of climbing equipment and outdoor toys), the rain held off and the birthday girl got exactly what she wanted for her birthday. I figure it was a huge success!

Sunday the bunch of us - all High School friends - got together and drove to the Niagara region of Ontario to visit friends of ours who had a new baby last month. It was a great party. We also combined a couple of birthdays in there as well as we don't see each other very often. Mom and the new baby are doing just fine. Her big sister is adapting well to her new role and our older kids were good around the baby. Now, since the happy couple have only just had their new baby they've been a little busy (note the joking quality in my voice here). So we were made aware that their deck was in poor repair and we were shown which boards were loose and told that we should avoid them. At this point I would like to remind everyone (or is it tell everyone?) that I was diagnosed with a congenital birth defect about 8 or 9 years ago that confirmed I was not just clumsy, but also half blind. I have no lower peripheral vision. However, even a decade on, I still forget that I have to look down sometimes to see what's under my feet . . . Even when I KNOW what's under me . . . like loose deck boards. So of course, I walked on one . . .

. . . and now we know how much weight that board can't support.

I was not physically hurt - just a little bruised pride. I fell properly so there was nothing to worry about pregnancy-wise. All that really happened was a little scraping on my leg. I do feel badly for breaking their deck. But it needed rebuilding anyway . . . right? (smile?) And at least it wasn't one of the kids hurting themselves.

And that brings us to the end of the week!

'til next week!
~ Heather

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