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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
Of Airplanes and Baby Showers

So Week 32 has happened! Here's the interesting things that happened during that week in my life:

I remained pregnant. A fact made most noticeable by the early morning vomiting, extreme fatigue, and almost constant need to run to the bathroom (which was almost always not on the same floor as I was).

I remained diabetic - at least that's what my glucose monitor and physiological symptoms are indicating.

I bought a new baby monitor! (my old one is still in use at the in-laws' place) Thank goodness for gift cards, eh?!

Oh - this baby is showing more signs of understanding the location of the exit point than Matthew ever did. That's right, crippling perineal ache has begun. It's not constant (thank the gods) - I know someone who went through that and I feel extreme sympathy for her now but it's definitely there. Well, now you know even more about me than you ever wanted. Just wait for the birth story!

Mike and some buddies pulled an airplane. No really. A 757. Check it out at

If you don't wish to check out the website, I'll give you a little breakdown: The ORBIS plane is a flying eye hospital that delivers much-needed eye surgery and care to children in developing countries. There is an annual fundraiser called the Pull for Sight, where teams of 25 people collect donations and then take turns grabbing a hold of a tow rope and pulling an airplane - really - a 757. Each team pulls the plane about 12'. After a few teams have pulled, a truck comes along and pushes the plane back (otherwise it would end up crossing a runway and this would be a bad thing). There is much joy and hilarity around this event. There are planes to look in, fire trucks to play with, coloring for the kiddies and most importantly - you get to be REALLY STINKIN' CLOSE to a 757! This is not something the average joe gets to do on the average Saturday. Anyhoo, so Mike's team did a really good job, and Matthew had a fantastic time looking at all the planes (we were after all, right beside the runways at Pearson International in Toronto). He also enjoyed playing in the fire trucks.

Sunday I attended my cousin's baby shower. We're first cousins. We're also really close in age so I was greatly looking forward to this event. She looks marvelous, is due in about three-four weeks, and everyone had a blast. She got lots of good loot and since she's having a girl, she only has to sit back while we continue to throw more wonderful stuff at her after her baby is born (lot of boys born lately - we're all good with the idea of showering her in pink).

And that's about it for this week. I should sign off now as the anti-nauseants are starting to kick in and I don't wish to start rambling too much.

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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