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Week 33
Home Alone

So this past week, Mike and Matthew joined his brother's family up in the greater 'Sticks' of Ontario for the entire week! Which meant I had a whole week to myself not having to worry about getting Matthew to daycare. I could sleep relatively late and shower in the morning without worrying about Matthew destroying the house. It was fantastic! I understand the boys had a good time as well. I also had the whole week to work on preparing for my Pharmacy Technician Registration exams (not their technical name, but it takes way too long to explain it otherwise). So naturally, I did nothing of the kind. I also didn't get any house work done. But I did take the opportunity to start packing the hospital bag (mostly to see what I still need).

Mostly I slept a lot and watched real television. It was a very relaxing week!

Let's have a quick interlude here to discuss my current pregnancy symptoms - still barfin' . . . I find if I get it over with in the morning, the residual symptoms are easier to handle during the day. The one day this past week that the barfin' did not occur, I spent in absolute agony with heartburn, nausea, fatigue, and a baby wedged firmly in the space generally reserved for my lungs. I have read and heard from first-hand victims of this that it is perfectly normal at this stage of pregnancy. I am sorry for those of you who have suffered it for prolonged periods. I am also qualified to whine about it when it happens to me. Ladies, it's AWFUL. Partners who are not pregnant - BACK AWAY from the Mother . . . give her space and take care of everything yourself while she wallows in self-pity.

However, that insanity only lasted one day. So I'm back to being my regular whiny self. The heartburn has become much much worse - I'm pretty sure the medication I'm taking for it is barely touching it. But, so it goes when the kid is riding nice and high, eh?

Oh - now back to this examination thing I'm doing. It takes two days to complete (4-5 hours for each part). I'll be in downtown Toronto for my exams. The first one starts at 9:00 in the morning on a Saturday - we need to be there by 8:45. I'll be staying downtown so I can go to bed and get up early. Fortunately we're allowed to bring food and there will be scheduled breaks where we can use the bathroom (with an escort, of course - yay.). The Sunday exam starts at 10:00 - which will be a bit nicer on my stomach. My diabetes management plan for the days is to treat as lightly as possible. I'd rather be high than low during these times. I think I'll get a doctor to write something for me as well so it's all nice and official when I register for each exam. These exams are happening on September 10th and 11th. So I'll write more about those on the other side.

On Friday of this past week, I got to visit with a friend of mine who lives in Ottawa and whom I rarely get to see. She was in the region for her step-brother's wedding. Her sister was also here; she's due 4 days before me. So we had some fun stories to share with each other. It was a great evening!

This week should be fun at work . . . I need to go in every day because we're extremely short-staffed. In other news, Ozy gets to go for his big kitty snip this Thursday (he needs to be dropped off at the vet's between 8 and 8:30 . . . at a half-hour drive away from my house). This should be a fun day. I hope he still speaks to me when it's all over. We're letting him keep his nails, we just don't want the bits that cause other cats and extreme stinkiness in our house.

That's about it for this week.

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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