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Week 35

What a week!

Where did we leave off? Monday... Labour Day (for those who observe it). Labour Day was spent hangin' around. It was the Monday before my crazy week of appointments and preparing for my scary exams. So we did next to nothing all day. Which is why it didn't occur to me until the next day that I had to journal for week 34.

Tuesday was time for another diabetes clinic and ultrasound. I dropped Matthew off at daycare and headed down to the diabetes clinic. They confirmed that I am still diabetic and pregnant (and gaining more weight than I should - I blame the long weekend and the birthday party). However, the endocrinologist on duty seemed to have taken his smart pill that morning and confirmed that I do know what I am doing and told me I could come back in two weeks. This is twice now he's done something smart... I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Fortunately I don't have that much time left.

The ultrasound was... well... routine. They're starting to get a bit boring - which is sad really. There's nothing new to look at in them. The joy of actually seeing the kid on the screen has worn off. I mean, I'm perfectly aware of its presence. It would be the thing that's responsible for my inability to catch my breath, my sore hips, and the fact that I have to pee all the time. I don't need to see its face (its still slightly creepy, alien face) looking at me on the screen to prove it's there. However, because of the diabetes we need to have these ultrasounds to make sure my sugars are under control enough to keep it from turning into a linebacker.

It's measuring two weeks ahead of schedule.


I swear my sugars are fine!

Wednesday Matthew went to my father's house to go shoe shopping (and some other important items) which left me kid free for the day. So I went to the local hospital to hang out with some pharmacy technicians I know who were kind enough to let me play with their flow hood in preparation for my exams. They were all very helpful - in fact their senior tech is so good at this stuff I would always go to her for a lesson in anything hospital-oriented (I am strictly retail). I left the hospital feeling very prepared for anything that might be thrown at me exam-wise and also feeling a little more than hungry. McDonald's is great for that.

Thursday - trip to the OB after dropping Matthew off at his last official day of daycare (he'll still be going the odd day when I have appointments). Everything went quite well there. My swollen ankles and feet are still not a huge issue as my blood pressure seems to be perfect.

Friday was the first of my now-weekly non-stress tests! Gad those are fun aren't they? For the uneducated, a non-stress test is this fantastically boring procedure where you get to lie in a bed with fetal monitors strapped to your belly. Then you lie there for anywhere from 20 minutes to eternity holding a clicker in your hand. When you feel the baby kick (or move at all), click! The monitors register contractions that you may or may not feel. What we're looking for is a noticeable fetal reaction to the contractions. The great "they" suggest you take a book along. I don't suggest this - I tend to focus more on the book and forget all about the clicking. But if you're a multi-tasker then go for it!

Friday was also Matthew's first day of school. I was right. I cried. He didn't. In fact, he didn't even say goodbye. He just joined the other JKs and went on into the building. I knew I would cry on this day anyway - I get emotional like that ... the antidepressants only take me so far. But add to that being pregnant, and the fact that the whole thing seemed terribly disorganized and you've got a perfect recipe for a very weepy Heather. I almost lost it again when we went to pick him up. Matthew on the other hand, had a great day! And the crafts he did were just so darn cute I started crying again when we got home. Hey, I'm pregnant. I cry during Pampers commercials.

Friday night - off to the exams I went.

I stayed in beautiful downtown Toronto so I was closer to my examination sites. This made for a very not-cheap weekend but at this stage of my pregnancy (and inability to wake up early without throwing up several times), I needed convenience. Saturday was the written portion of the exam. Sunday was the very scary practical exam. I believe the written went very well and I am cautiously confident the practical went equally well. Hey, they're long, nerve-wracking exams. You leave one of those not really knowing how you did. You just have a sense one way or another. The most exciting part of the weekend was the very early (3am) Sunday morning fire alarm! Yeah! Had to walk down from the tenth floor and then... because the elevators were not working particularly well... back up to the tenth floor! Turns out there was a faulty smoke detector somewhere on the 14th floor. Hey, it could be worse. I could have been staying on the 22nd floor right! And I think I'm officially done working out for the rest of the pregnancy.

And that's about it for now!

(exam results won't be back until December)

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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