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Week 36
The End is Drawing Near

Hello again and sorry for the delay. Once again, Sunday came and went without my realizing what day it was. So this past week we got a number of things accomplished!

First, I had an appointment with my OB where she stated if I was still pregnant on October 4 (week 39), we'd discuss eviction notices. Also, as she is away over the next two weeks, she has given her replacement full permission to make the eviction decision on his own if he wishes. I may have stated it before, but in case I haven't - I'm pretty sure this baby is coming before October 15th - and I'm pretty sure it's going to do it of its own accord. Matthew had no intention of leaving by his due date, but since I had diabetes with him my OB wouldn't let me pass my due date. This one will also not be allowed to pass its due date. However, this baby is showing a much better understanding of the location of the exit port - and it's a pretty painful process. My heart goes out to those women who carry a bowling ball with their perineum for months at a time.

The second interesting event of the week was a non-stress test that I was late for - and I'm pretty sure that's the reason I had to wait so long to go into the room. I figure I was bumped to the next appointment. Anyhoo, while in the waiting room I saw two women in labour just waiting for their medical teams to make decisions before they headed to the birthing unit. The non-stress test was as uneventful as they usually are. I think most of the "kicks" that I registered were actually contractions but the baby's heart rate did go up with the contractions and I believe that's normal so I'm not worried.

I had another ultrasound on Friday (10 days after my last one). I didn't realize it was strange to have them that close together. But the snippy technician made me aware of it. I really wanted to say, "so if you don't want to do it, don't and let me go home so I can pee! I don't know why they scheduled them so close together - I'm just the patient!" But she did the scan and everything still looks good.

In preparation news - we now have the nursery decorated. There had been a significant amount of pictures hanging in that room. We have neither the time nor the desire to paint the room over - so we bought some wall decals. Now the room has an underwater theme and looks great! You'd never know there were holes in the walls!

A friend of ours came over on Sunday to help us with the clean-up. I piled stuff together, she carried it to the basement (the heavy lifting) and left it for Mike to sort out. Then she vacuumed! Oh my life is good!

I got the bottles cleaned and sterilized and ready for transport to the hospital. We only have a few more things to find before the baby comes (I just know there is an enormous pile of receiving blankets and wash cloths in this house somewhere) and then we're ready to go. So um... any time baby!

And that's about it for this week.

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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