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Week 37
I'm Technically Full-Term!

I'm Technically Full-Term! I'm Technically Full-Term!


Yes indeed, according to the two books I am reading simultaneously throughout this pregnancy, my baby is fully cooked and just in the "standing" phase to avoid burning upon removal from the oven. Never have I been so ready to finish something. I'm sick of being sick, I'm exhausted all the time, I have mood swings that are reminiscient of those early days leading up to puberty (you know the ones - when girls are so evil they should be locked away), and I'm running out of things to clean in response to my nesting instinct (there are lots of things left, but the work is too heavy for this stage of pregnancy). I am thrilled that I will not be allowed to go into my 41st week. This baby is coming out on or before October 15 and I really can't wait to meet it!

Now, back to my week - my Diabetes team was thrilled with the way my numbers have been going - in fact I've entered a stage now where I can start decreasing my insulin intake (that wacky placenta again). So I don't need to see them until week 39 (if I'm still pregnant) and then I won't see them again until after the baby's born!

My first trip to my alternate OB was this past week. My OB is on vacation so I get to see the alternate guy until she's back. And if I'm still pregnant when she gets back, we'll talk eviction notices. I see the alternate guy again this coming week and then I'm back to the regular OB.

This week also presented another non-stress test. Seriously. Boring. Way boring. *whine* It went well. The baby was asleep for most of it, but had the decency to respond to life in general so we got some decent movements.

This weekend Matthew had his final birthday celebration for the year. We have a group of friends in the big city (Toronto) who don't drive so every year they have a party for the kid. We go swimming at an indoor wave pool then head to a local pizza joint for way too much food and hilarity. Once again Matthew was spoiled absolutely rotten and we have more toys to cram into our house (I hate to see what's going to happen when this baby starts having parties).

And that's really about it for now. I hope this week brings more interesting happenings. Who knows, maybe it could bring a baby. I'd be okay with that. The nursery is as ready as it's going to get. The overload that was the office that all moved into our bedroom is now alll organized and put away. Our bags are packed. Kid, we're ready!

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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