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Week 38
Any Time Now - Any Time Would Be Good!

Hello again.

Another week has passed and baby is still quite comfy where it is. I remain pregnant - a reality made most clear by the nausea, vomiting, fatigue, nesting instinct, diabetes (which is throwing me for a loop once again), detection of fetal heartbeat at non-stress tests and OB appointments, and - oh yeah - that feeling like I'm some kind of door here to be kicked down by whatever the alien is living in my stomach cavity.

So first things first - this week my nausea was horrible and I found myself barfing quite a bit. Apparently the baby doesn't like Kraft Dinner. It was that meal that led to a tremendously low blood sugar. Part of my problem is that, apparently, as we get farther along in the pregnancy - towards the end - we don't need to use quite as much insulin as we had been using. So now I'm titrating my shots down from their insanely high quantities in an attempt to stop having crazy lows. The Day of the KD, I had shot a moderate number, eaten my re-hydrated carbs and salt, thrown them up and attempted another lunch. Apparently I didn't do any of this quickly enough and I ended up with a blood glucose reading of 2.8 (about 50 for people using the other scale). I remember cursing myself for drinking all the orange juice and I remember not having the capacity to find my dextrose tabs. So I grabbed a bag of hard candies and sat down with Matthew. We ate a ton of candy between the two of us. I started to feel better, ate a ton more candy and hit the couch on the way to see how I had done. Bad idea - these days if my head hits anything cushiony, I fall asleep. I woke up when my poor, bored, 4 year old was pouring milk all over one of his train sets. It was at this time I reasoned it might have been a good day to send him to daycare. *sigh* Only a couple more weeks right?!

I had a very exciting non-stress test this week where the other girl in the room and I spent most of our time watching trash tv and discussing how we'd like to have a studio audience of our own in our kitchens when we successfully prepare peppers for stuffing. The baby was active during the test and even kicking the living daylights out of the monitor at one point. I looked down and saw the monitor moving it was kicking so hard. So needless to say, that test didn't take long. I decided afterward that I needed to get my hair cut. I like long hair, but if the baby should come any time soon, I would want it shorter than it was. I walked into one of those "no appointment" places and was taken right away - I came at the end of the slow period. Right behind me were four other people. They did a fantastic job. I don't foresee my hair getting too much in my way during delivery. Less so if I end up with a little linebacker that requires a section. I have an ultrasound next week to determine that.

The other big excitement of the week was that we went to see Cirque du Soleil in Toronto. As always they put on a fantastic show and even Matthew got to come with us this time. He did fairly well. There was only one meltdown and a little walk with Daddy seems to have put him in a better mind frame after that. Fortunately Mike didn't have to miss too much of the show to accomplish this.

That about wraps it up for this week. Coming up: Ultrasounds, Diabetes Clinics, OBs and Eviction Notices - Oh MY!

'Til next week!
~ Heather

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