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Twenty-Two Weeks, 6 Days ~ July 30, 2004
   ~ Movement

So, movement has been on my mind a lot this week, in many ways.

The obvious one is the babies moving. They have been MOVING. And they don't always move at the same time. They are definitely showing some signs of being different from each other (duh, but hey, I'm new at the twin thing!). On a regular basis, one will be awake during the night, and the other during the day. I'm hoping that doesn't continue too much after they're born.

One of them likes to turn transverse (horizontal) now and then. Now, when there's just one in there, that's not so big a deal, comfort-wise. But with them pretty much side-by-side, the only way it seems to 'work' is for it to turn horizontal but FRONT-TO-BACK. That is, its butt is sticking out the front of me, and its head is jammed into my right kidney. This is rather odd looking (I look lopsided in a big way), but is also somewhat uncomfortable. I can't imagine it is all that comfy for the baby, either. It doesn't tend to stay there for more than a few hours, but for those few hours. oof! I can definitely feel the baby's butt, square and hard, sticking out the front of my belly.

Then there is the ME moving thing. This is something that is getting remarkably harder to do, in all ways. I am already about 8-month sized (not LARGE 8-month, but a good medium 8-monther). This means that rolling over in bed is an exercise in dynamic motion. Shift, shift, roll a little, then shift some more, then roll a little further, hitch a leg over, hitch a hip under, hold onto the bed and rolllll onto my other side. Oof.

Getting out of bed is also rather a challenge. I learned to use kayaker moves to sit upright, I think with Gabe. It really helps to move the hips to upright first, and let the rest of the body kind of roll after the hips. Smooth, not too hard. Only, I'm now sitting in the middle of the bed, and have to get to the edge! I end up inchworming along with my feet and legs, scooting toward the edge until my legs are enough over that I can lever myself off the rest of the way. I'm sure it is a very entertaining sight, but at least Will doesn't laugh - or not where I can see him, anyway! He regularly offers me a hand, even.

Then there is getting out of a chair. Lean WAY forward, brace a hand on my knee, press up. This, again is a move I learned for other uses. It is the same way you get to your feet when ice skating. The arm braced on the knee really helps.

Getting into and out of the car is a challenge, but so far, I've only whacked my head once, and threw my back out of alignment twice. Working on not doing that one again.

How about walking up stairs? Don't walk behind me. I do it ONE STEP AT A TIME. One foot up, pause. Other foot up, pause. This is made harder by the fact that my ligaments are VERY loose at this point, and I have a hard time lifting my legs forward. The ligaments just don't hold the tension well. And the sciatica isn't helping.

Now, walking. Walking is working okay. At least, as long as I don't do it much. A little walking each day definitely makes my joints move better. But a little more than that is more than a little too much. I went grocery shopping yesterday, at the natural foods co-op, then at the regular grocery store. And then I forgot that we needed something from the pet store, so I did a quick run there, too. Um, bad plan. I ended up with a very sore pelvis. Getting out of bed this morning was way worse than usual. I'm walking more like an old man than a pregnant woman. My pelvis hurts where two little heads are pressing on it in tandem, and my sciatica is kicking up a bit worse than usual. Won't be doing that again.

This all makes the efforts to make our upcoming trip 'multiple-gestation-pregnancy-friendly' feel a lot less silly.

Trip? Yep, we're going on a trip. To Alaska! Family reunion time, and my OB's office has approved me to fly. I just may not be STUPID about it. That means I'm traveling on a multiple-pregnancy protocol - no walking in airports, no carrying bags, eat regularly, drink a LOT (water, tomato juice), wear support hose, and get up every two hours to walk on the airplane. I've scheduled the electric cart through my airline (so they'll pick me up at each location and drive me to my next location). My carryon is a cooler bag full of healthy snacks.

So, next week, there will be no journal update, unless I borrow my sister's email account and send one from there.

Alaska here we come! (Now, if I can only get up from my computer without straining myself.)

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