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Thirty-One Weeks, Six Days ~ October 1, 2004
   ~ The Name Game

Ah, names. One of the main joys of a first pregnancy is picking names... and one of the chief annoyances of THIS pregnancy, it seems!

The first time, you are free to choose anything that works. For us, something that had a good cadence, a good meaning, positive associations, and that would yell well.

Yes, yell well. That's the advice from both my great grandmother on my mother's side, and my grandmother on my father's side. One of them named her first son "Oglebert" or something like that, and found she could not yell it convincingly - either she'd trip over the name (verbally), or the sound of it would make her chuckle, taking all the force out of the yell. The other picked a first and middle that when yelled together sounded like something else entirely, which caused a great deal of teasing for my dad.

So, it has to yell well.

First time around, not a problem. We picked two boy names and five girl names to bring with us to the hospital. We figured if we couldn't pick a name for our CAT without meeting her first, we couldn't pick one for our child without meeting them, either. So we brought the list. And it became very obvious both during labor and after Gabe was born that he was a Gabriel, and definitely NOT a Nicholas.

Then the second time around, one more thing to throw into the mix. It has to work with the sibling's name, too! ACK! Nobody warned me about that. It took a bit more work, but it was still interesting work, to find a list of names that didn't sound weird or clunky next to Gabe or Gabriel. Oh, and they had to yell together, too. "Gabe and Xxxx, get into the house THIS MINUTE!" Brendan worked, and it fit him - again, both during labor (and prelabor), and after he was born, he was clearly a Brendan.

This time...

Well, this time, we have TWO sibling names that need to be yelled well with the baby names... AND two names that will be paired together a lot in the first years. Combining those issues makes for a much trickier process of selection. Plus, we have a strong sense of meaning for one of the babies, and a more subtle one for the other. Whee. Meaning, sound, yelling well, fitting together, AND being the right name for each baby.

Remarkably, we've managed to find eight (possibly nine!) boy names that work. Given that we could still have two boys, having the extra list length seems a good idea. But the girl names... it took ages to just get the list down to 30 names... most of which we kinda like, but none of which are lighting us up terribly much. Ugh. So we have a so-so list of 30. Which we finally broke down to 15 names, none of which we are sure is a good name. I'm pretty certain we could pick one or two boys names from the boy list without any regrets. I'm not so sure about the girls names.

Well, at least we have a little time. And if worst comes to worst, we'll just bring the baby name book with us when I go into labor. Perhaps once she (if there is a she - or two shes!) is here, we'll just know - perhaps she'll 'tell' us, the way the other two made it clear as they were being born. I hope so. They won't let me take them home without names.

Name game? Well, not all games are all fun, all the time, I guess.


Also, I hope those reading this will forgive my random lateness on some of my entries - many days, I have to stop work early just to keep contractions at bay, and then have to go to bed early as well. Tired as the first trimester makes you, this is different, but just as exhausting... Getting time on the computer that isn't purely work is harder and harder to do - and when I do have time, sometimes my mind is so numb, I can't think what to write!

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