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Thirty-Seven Weeks, Five Days ~ November 11, 2004
   ~ Entertainment and Predictions

At mid-37 weeks, and varying between 56 and 57 inches around (depending on how the babies are positioned), I'm quite the side show for every store clerk, cashier, and half the people who just walk anywhere near me. Heads turn, people lean in toward each other, whisper, and try not to point. I get googly eyes, winces, and sympathetic grins. And a lot of comments.

We're past the usual 'when are you due' comments. No, now we're onto people just guessing right off that we're having more than one. Or at least HOPING (rather loudly) that we're having more than one. And that they're due soon. VERY soon.

We're also at the point where people call me or email me daily to find out how I'm doing. Twins here yet? Any signs that they're coming soon? Trust me, we'll call. Really. But they need to check, anyway. Everyone is invested in the process. My mom is so invested she half-thinks she'll get pre-labor signs of her own! Permit me to roll my eyes a little, on that one.

I'm full term, essentially. Working on the 'full term for singletons' level, now. People at work (mine and Will's) are stunned, impressed, and rather a bit nervous. I feel bad for the receptionists at Will's work - every time I call (at least once a day) they ask if I'm okay. I finally told them I'd call Will's cell phone if I was in labor, not the main number. So hopefully they can calm down a little when I call. It is sweet, but I don't want them to stress out!

I do have some pre-labor signs. Or some signs of something, anyway. As Will put it (which made me bust out laughing) - guessing labor signs is like reading goat entrails. Not exactly a science, reading those signs! We'll know AFTER they're born which things pointed toward labor, and which did not. Until then, we're just poking around in the ashes, trying to guess what this or that thing means.

So, my symptoms... not a lot, really. My digestion speeds up a little when labor is near. About two days before labor started, both previous times, I was going to the bathroom more frequently. Not a LOT of difference, just a little. Could be I am eating differently, too. Who knows. I'm also craving protein less, and carbs more. Could be an indication... could be nothing. I don't get energy rushes, I don't get more intense nesting (or denning)... no real signs. With Gabe, my 'REAL sign' was that contractions started. With Brendan... well, contractions started, stopped, started, stopped, started, stopped... And since I've been contracting for weeks, I don't think I can count that.

The usual 'home-induction' methods are not up for grabs yet - I won't play those games until we're past-due, and getting close to having a PROBLEM with them still being in there. If I play them even then. No wine, bumpy roads, or spicy meals just yet (not that I'd even want a spicy meal just now, the reflux is killer!). Sex is still an option, but I'm not holding out too much hope that it will start things, either. I won't do castor oil, or herbs - at least not unless I'm desperate (and probably not then, either). Been there, tried that, with Gabe. Had that really long labor. Not worth it. (Okay, I didn't use castor oil... but that doesn't sound like fun, either.)

So, still hanging in here. Some days are more comfortable than others, but there remains no hurry. I'm fine, the babies are still doing great, my cervix has pretty much closed back up again (nobody leaning on it!), my contractions are actually fewer this week than last week... I'm in stasis - It does kind of feel like I've reached a point where I will be pregnant forever. And that would be okay, still. Granted, Will would rather have my help around the house... not that he'll get a lot of that right after the babies arrive, either.

Not a really profound week, here. Just coasting, I think. I'm pretty ready. Will is pretty ready. Gabe and Brendan are getting excited. Gabe rubs my belly and grins, and Brendan says hi or hugs the babies. Neither of them has any clue when the babies will be here (Gabe just looks at me funny if I ask, and Brendan readily says YES to any day I suggest... sigh. No prognostications from that quarter, either.)

But it will be soon, I'm sure. After all, it can't be 'not soon', they won't let me go that long. Soon enough... soon enough. By the 27th, anyway. Feel free to guess when they'll arrive, as everyone else is doing (my sister says today, the 11th, my brother already lost, he picked the 7th-9th).

In the meantime, I'll continue to take at least one trip outside a day, just so random people can be entertained. Call it a community service.

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