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Entry 1 ~ November 1, 2011
~ Is 8 the Magic Number?

Our seventh month of TTC has passed, onto the eighth! When trying to conceive our first child it took eight months, maybe this time will be the same? I guess I'll find at the end of the month!

I was hoping this month might be it because we were more relaxed and laid back about it; some people say that's all it takes. Guess it didn't work this time! Each month I try to think of things I'm going to do for the coming month if it turns out I am not pregnant. This month I'm focusing on exercise. I am BAD at exercising. I was always one of those kids who absolutely hated and dreaded P.E. class in school. I love walking and hiking, but dislike pretty much anything else. Luckily for me my family genes have helped me stay on the slim side. Unfortunately I gained 60 whopping pounds when I was pregnant! I did end up losing it all (thanks to breastfeeding!) but I did gain 10 pounds back after my daughter stopped breastfeeding. I was too used to eating larger portions of food I guess! I can fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, but they barely fit instead of fitting loosely. When I do get pregnant I'll be in big trouble and will have to switch to maternity clothes a lot faster! So I decided to do something about it!

I do eat pretty healthy, I'm a vegetarian (usually vegan) and we don't keep much junk food in the house, if any. But I do like my nighttime snacks and like I said, hate exercising. So I've started cutting out the evening snack and I'm also going out walking/jogging a few mornings a week! It's workin;, I've lost at least a couple pounds so far. Aiming to lose a few more by the end of the month, and hopefully end the month with a positive pregnancy test as well! I'll try my very best to continue exercising once I get pregnant, as I really really do not want to gain 60 pounds again. Ugh!


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