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Entry 2 ~ November 28, 2011
~ No Magic This Month

So I guess eight was not the magic number after all. I really thought this might be the month, but it's on to the next! I was pretty bummed since my luteal phase was really short this past month. I'm not sure why; it's never been that short before. I'm starting to think either my hormones or my thyroid are messed up. But our insurance doesn't cover anything fertility or pregnancy related, so I don't want to go to the doctor yet. If we don't get pregnant this month then I think I'll try some "fertilitea". It was recommended to me by a friend (who got pregnant after drinking it for a month!) and I found out I can buy it here in Malaysia. It's not cheap, though, so I'll wait one more month before trying it out. It might be just what my body needs, a nudge to rebalance my hormones.

As I mentioned last month I tried getting into an exercise regime and to lose a few pounds. I didn't end up losing any more weight, but I AM in better shape and more toned, so that's great! I'll keep it up this month and hopefully get even more toned and lose a couple pounds as well! I did a good job not eating snacks at night, until Aunty Flo arrived. Then I was just too bummed!

Naren said he has a feeling that we'll definitely get pregnant this month. I'm not so sure, but I hope he's right!!

I mentioned last month that if I don't get pregnant I like to pick something to focus on for that month. This month I'm focusing on my "garden". I have to put that in quotes because we don't really have a yard to speak of. But I am doing my best to try to grow some vegetables to reduce our grocery bills. Here in Malaysia most of the houses are link houses. That means they build the houses in rows, all attached to each other. Our house is at the end of one of these rows, so we have a tiny bit of space by the side of our house since there isn't another house there. There is a sidewalk and some grass between our house and the next row so we are growing some veggies there. I noticed this morning that my spinach has sprouted; I'm excited! We buy spinach every week. I think next week will be our last week to buy spinach, then I can depend on our own. Yay!! We also started a worm composting box this past month which is going well. I can't wait to start using that compost on our garden! If you are interested in seeing photos of the worm box and my upcoming gardening feel free to visit my personal blog at

Hopefully next month I'll be growing something other than vegetables!


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