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Entry 3 ~ December 20, 2011
~ Time for a New Goal!

I'm still here, another month of ttc ahead of me! I had really hoped this would be the month, but then again I hope that every month, right? Last month I mentioned that Naren had a feeling we'd get pregnant that month. He clarified later saying that he had a feeling we'd have a September baby. If I would have gotten pregnant last month I would have been due on Aug. 26th, so not September. So now he's sure that THIS month will be it since then the baby would be due in September. We'll see, I hope he's right!!

Our garden is slowly growing. So far we can't depend on getting our spinach out of it, but it's getting there. Maybe in the next couple of weeks it'll grow big enough to harvest some. We need to buy some more dirt and pots and get some more seeds planted! It would be great if we could grow enough veggies to only have to go grocery shopping every other week instead of every week. Then again, I don't mind grocery shopping every week, it's one of my favorite errands. Naren doesn't enjoy it, though.

My goal this month is to get my new website up. I have an online store to sell paper quilling supplies here in Malaysia, and I'm re-doing the whole site, making it look more professional. I had to shell out some money to buy a theme, etc. but in the end it'll be worth it. It takes a LOT of time, though, since I'm doing all the work myself, not hiring a web designer. So that's my project for the month!

I'm always doing a lot of cooking and baking, and make a lot of homemade things that most people just buy in the store. This is partly because I love homemade things and don't like to eat preservatives, etc. when I don't have to, and partly because my daughter cannot eat most convenience food due to dairy, corn and egg allergies. One of the things we used to buy a LOT is soymilk. But over the past few weeks I've started making homemade almond milk. We also eat a lot of tofu, so I figure getting more variety in our diet is a good thing. Plus now I know how AWESOME almond milk is! It tastes SO much better than soymilk, and gives a MUCH better flavor to baked goods such as cakes. It's also wonderful in homemade icecream, shakes, pudding, white sauce etc. Buying almond milk is super expensive and of course they put additives in it. I buy my almonds in bulk, so it's super affordable to make my own (only about USD $1 for a quart!!!). Plus I have the leftover almond pulp to add to recipes for added nutrition. Can you tell yet that I'm excited about my almond milk? LOL I'm putting up a post with photos on my blog about it and suggestions for what to do with the almond pulp.

I was going to try fertilitea this cycle if I didn't get pregnant, but I've decided not to. I've read a lot of reviews about it. Most are great, but quite a few people who had quite regular cycles tried the fertilitea and it actually messed up their cycle, since their cycle was regular to begin with. My cycle is quite regular, and I don't want to risk messing it up, so I'll pass on the fertilitea for now. This is our 10th month of ttc. I just hope to get that BFP before a year is up!!!


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