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FamilyHi! My name is Honey and I am 32 years old. I have been married for 8 years to my husband, Naren, and we have a four and a half year old daughter, Svara. My husband is from Malaysia, where we have lived since we got married. I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin, and I love being out in nature. It has been quite an adventure moving to a large city in a tropical country! I do miss the changing of the seasons, and cool fresh air, but I don't miss winters that last longer than they are supposed to! I am a teacher by profession. After Naren and I married I got a job at an international school here. I taught third grade for four years, and loved it! It was an awesome school!

Naren owns his own training and consulting business, so he has a very flexible schedule, which is awesome for our family! We enjoy doing all of our shopping and going to fun places during the week when it's not so crazy and crowded everywhere! The downside is that by owning his own business we sometimes do really well and sometimes struggle. It's been quite a struggle these past two years and we are hoping that next year will be much better!

When Naren and I decided to start a family I was disappointed that it didn't happen right away. It ended up taking 8 months for me to conceive! But it turned out to be a good thing because the timing was JUST right for me to take my maternity leave for the last two months of the school year, and then I had another two months from summer vacation before going back to school. I never thought I'd have to work full time after having kids, but Naren's business wasn't doing well enough for me to quit working yet. Since he owned his own business he was able to work from home that year while also taking care of Svara! She was still just a small baby, so he was able to get a lot of work done while she took her daily naps. I was determined for Svara to only have breastmilk, so I had to pump while at school. It was hard, but I'm glad I did it! I found out later that she has a dairy allergy, so it was a blessing that I was able to do that for her. Thankfully I only had to work for one school year while Svara was small. When she was 14 months old it was the end of a school year and Naren and I decided that I could be a stay at home mom.

It is typical here in Malaysia to send your kids to nursery/preschool/kindergarten starting at three years old. However, I have kept Svara home with me, and may even end up homeschooling for kindergarten next year (haven't quite decided on that yet!). She plays most of the day, but we also do "homework" and she enjoys writing letters and numbers and doing math. But her favorite activity is art projects! She is a very active girl and always has been. Luckily we have recently moved to a new house that has a great community playground right outside our door! We are feeling much better in this new house and get to go outside almost every day (except recently as it is the rainy season and usually rains in the afternoons).

So what do I do besides playing with and teaching Svara? And besides the housework and cooking of course! When Svara was three years old and finally started being okay with playing by herself occasionally I started getting back into my crafting! I love crafting and my favorites are crochet and paper quilling. Crochet can aggravate my carpal tunnel syndrome after awhile, so mostly I do paper quilling. One of my favorite things to create is jewelry with paper quilling, especially earrings. I even started selling at local craft sales and I have an etsy shop as well! So that does take up a lot of my time now, but I truly enjoy it and it's good to be doing something and earning a bit of money as well.

We have always wanted several kids (hopefully four!) but between Svara's high needs when she was a baby and some financial difficulties it took longer than we thought to be ready for #2! In fact, we weren't feeling ready at all when I got pregnant in September 2010. Not ready, but definitely excited anyway! I was scared to tell my husband because I knew we were really struggling money wise, but he was thrilled! Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. We were devastated (especially myself).

Several months later we were ready to start trying again. I was hoping that this time it wouldn't take as long to get pregnant, but that hasn't been the case. However, I have been (somewhat) more laid back about it this time. I know that last time the timing turned out perfectly, so I'm sure God knows what He is doing and we will have perfect timing again this time whenever it does happen!

Congratulations if you've made it to the end of this book that I've written! I look forward to sharing my TTC journey with you!


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