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Week 10 - February 28, 2012
Little Kicks

Usually I write my weekly updates on Saturday (or Sunday) but since my appointment was on Monday I thought I'd wait, it's much more fun to update after an appointment! So the appointment went well, and we got to see our little bug kicking around in there! Yay!! I'm so relieved that everything is still looking good. But for some odd reason I don't feel like telling everyone. I don't know why. Naren doesn't have that problem and even announced on facebook yesterday (even though I specifically told him he could tell anyone else, but not facebook yet. He's just too excited). Anyway, I guess I'll just tell people as I meet them and let Naren have the fun of announcing. It's not that I'm not excited, I AM super excited for us, but just not about spreading the news. Weird, I know!

Happy Ayyám-i-Há to any Bahá'ís who may be reading this! We have tried to have some fun this week, though I have not been up to as much baking as usual during the holiday season. I am going to try to make a cherry pie today, though! And Svara is asking for a chocolate cake. We'll see… Tomorrow I'm taking her to the 3D Beauty and the Beast. I know she'll enjoy the movie, but not so sure how she'll do with the 3D glasses. But it's the only kids' movie out here at the moment. I'm sure it's partly due to the hormones, but I am really missing my family this year during this holiday. I really wanted to have a get together with Naren's family, but it didn't work out. Everyone was busy with this or that, and they never do a lot for Ayyám-i-Há so it just wasn't as important to them. But I am still feeling sad about it.

I went to a jumble sale on Saturday morning and got a few little baby clothes. I mostly got tiny onesies and a couple footie pajamas, all gender neutral of course. But there was one little outfit that is more suitable for a boy that I just couldn't pass up; it was tooooo cute!! Hopefully there will be another jumble sale after we find out the gender and before the baby is born. Our next appointment is in six weeks and our doctor said she'd probably be able to tell the gender. I hope so!

Time to get lunch made for Svara and start working on that cherry pie! See you next week!


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