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Week 12 - March 11, 2012
Definitely Still in the First Trimester

Remember how I mentioned last week that I was starting to feel better for a couple days? Little nausea and lots of energy? Well, that was over quickly. All this past week I've been nauseous (though not as bad as a few weeks ago) and very exhausted. My poor house needs cleaning, badly! I asked Naren if we could make today a cleaning day, get it all cleaned up; that didn't happen. Instead it was just about the laziest day ever. I didn't even wash the dishes, which I usually do! So much for cleaning day.

I am officially too big to wear any of my regular pants, even my two stretchy corduroys. I've been wearing maternity jeans this past week. I won't wear the maternity shirts yet, as they are too tent-like, but I need long shirts because of the maternity pants. Which leaves me with long t-shirts. Not the most glamorous wardrobe, but it'll work for now.

As far as food goes, the choice of foods that I actually want to eat is still dwindling. I now am not too fond of Indian food anymore. Chinese food is still okay, as is pizza, bread, and sometimes pasta. Most veggies are off the table, though broccoli is still usually okay. I can't wait until I actually want to eat a salad again! I love fruits and most sweets, though I mostly eat homemade goodies so at least I can sneak some nutrition in them. Even though there is not a lot of variety that I want to eat, I am not having any trouble putting on weight unfortunately. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Svara. So far I think I've gained about 6-8 pounds. Not too terrible, but hopefully it'll continue steadily and not skyrocket in the next few months. Maybe when I start eating more veggies and less cheese and sweets the weight gain will slow down a bit. I'm not overly worried about it since I lost most of the weight after Svara was born from nursing, but it's not easy to be pregnant when you have gained so much weight!

I really really can't wait until I can feel this little baby moving around! I am so much more anxious with this pregnancy than I was with Svara. I'm sure that's because of the miscarriage I had. I thought I'd be less anxious after the first ultrasound. Then I thought I'd be less anxious after the second. Now I think I'll be less anxious after I start feeling those flutters! I know it'll be at least another couple weeks, but I am really looking forward to it. Did I say "really" enough??

I was feeling bad this week because I've been so tired lately and haven't done much with Svara. So a couple days ago we spent the entire morning doing art projects. That was fun, and hopefully we'll do more things together this week.

That's about it for this week, since it was such a lazy week. Hopefully I'll see more of that energy coming back in the coming week!!


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