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Week 13
Not yet, Sciatic!!

It hasn't been a very busy week here. Not too much new on the pregnancy front. Still getting a little bigger, still a little nauseous, still having food aversions. But tonight I made dinner that I actually loooved, thank goodness!! It was so nice eating something that tasted so good. It was a vegetarian spaghetti Bolognese (with my ground homemade seitan as the meat substitute). I followed Jamie Oliver's recipe except used my meat substitute. I can't WAIT to eat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

I keep wondering if I'm going to be lucky enough to feel those first little baby kicks within the next couple of weeks or whether it'll take longer. I hope it's sooner. I know I keep saying this, but I can't wait!!!

The main baby thing that is occupying my mind is cloth diapers. My mom used cloth diapers on all of us (there were 7 of us!) and I used cloth diapers for Svara. I didn't have very many for Svara so they got used a LOT, like almost every day. So after a couple years they were ready to retire. But that's okay; I can't wait to buy new diapers for this little one! I'm waiting for two things. Firstly, I am waiting to hopefully find out the gender in 3 weeks. Secondly, I am waiting for the funds to buy diapers. That might not happen for another month and a half. But that doesn't stop me from planning and reading diaper reviews.

As you can see from the title of my entry my sciatic nerve has started acting up. I am hoping it is just today and that it'll go away again and not come back for awhile because OUCH! And because it makes me feel like a 90 year old lady walking around, only I don't have a humongous belly to go along with it to elicit sympathy. I mean, I do think my belly is pretty huge for 13 weeks, but nothing compared to, say 30 weeks. Yet I still managed to cook dinner and wash up afterwards.

I was super excited to finally see my tomato plants ripening this week! In fact, Naren and I ate our first tomato today. Yummy!! It was so good compared to the store bought tomatoes; it actually had flavor! There is another bigger one that should be all the way ripe in a couple more days. I didn't take photos of this one, but I'll try to get photos of the next before I gobble it up. At the same time I was sad today because one big branch on my tomato plant fell down and broke, and it had a dozen baby tomatoes on it boohoo!! I had Naren stop by on his way home to get a long stick support so I could tie up the rest of the plant. I don't want to lose any more tomatoes.

Svara is still excited about the baby and likes to kiss my belly. She doesn't ask to see fetus videos and photos everyday anymore. I guess she feels like it's pretty much looking the same these past few weeks. But she does enjoy commenting on how much bigger my belly is always getting. Oh, she has NO idea just what a big belly I will have.

I'm still pretty tired this week, but have also managed to get some work done. I took some photos of some finished earrings and have been posting them in my etsy shop and today I made a new earring design. It's good to have the motivation to work back again, even if it's not every day.

It's almost midnight here, so I better get to bed. Thanks for reading, see you next week!


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Pregnancy Week-by-Week, Week 13

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