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Week 14
A Week to NOT Repeat

Whew, I'm glad this week is over! It started out normal, then got busy and fun, and then sick and miserable.

Wednesday was Naw-Ruz, the Baha'i new year. So Tuesday night was the community celebration. Naren was the MC, so we all got dressed and ready and left early. The event started at 7:30pm with prayers and dinner to break the last day of fasting, then went on with performances. Svara did really well! Her usual bedtime is around 8pm (bath, stories, etc. fall asleep by 9pm) and the celebration went until 11:30pm. We had to stay until the end since Naren was the MC. Svara really enjoyed all the songs and dances, but wasn't interested in the skits at all. She was a little sleepy by the end, but still clapping and having fun! We got up leisurely on Wednesday and then joined Naren's family at a friend's house for lunch. From there we went to his sister's house in the city so all the kids could have a swim at their pool. After dinner we came home so that Svara wouldn't be going to bed so late again!

We thought that we'd take Thursday easy and just sit around the house recuperating, and then go grocery shopping on Friday. Two things ruined that plan! First of all Naren's paycheck is late! He owns his own company, so gets paid directly by the companies that he does projects and trainings for. So right now we are super tight while waiting for the money to come in. It was supposed to be here by Wednesday, but obviously that didn't happen. So we are hoping by Monday so we can go grocery shopping!

So the other thing that stopped us from grocery shopping on Friday was that on Thursday night Svara and I both fell sick with the flu. We rarely get sick, luckily. Since we both have/had the same symptoms I'm thinking we must have caught it at Naren's friend's house where we were for lunch on Naw-Ruz day. Naren hasn't caught it yet, and I hope he stays free of it! He has a BIG project coming up in another week and he needs to be healthy! So Svara has been sleeping in our room for the past three nights. I think tonight she can finally go back to her own room. We've had fever, cough, and sore throat mostly. We are finally fever free today after 3 days. Being sick with not many groceries in the house is not much fun! We managed, though, and I made a split pea soup today with the very last of our vegetables. Money or no money, we HAVE to go buy some basic groceries tomorrow.

It was quite difficult having the flu while being pregnant! Because of the flu I did not feel like eating much at all. But my pregnant belly demanded otherwise and I just HAD to eat. I know I haven't been eating as much as I would normally, but I have been eating often. And I have been saving up a list of yummy thing to buy at the grocery store when the paycheck comes in! I am craving cottage cheese (VERY hard to find here but I'll go to the more expat geared grocery store), pickles!!, natural gummy candies (so I don't feel too guilty about eating them), some tasty crackers for snacking, other cheese, and whatever else catches my eye. Hm, mangoes sound good too!

There was one pregnancy craving that I tried to fulfill this week, but it didn't happen. All I wanted was a chocolate shake, sounds pretty easy, right? Normally I'll make my own, but I'm out of the ingredients I usually use to make my own ice cream and don't have any frozen bananas either to even make a banana/chocolate/peanut butter shake. So after the celebration on Tuesday we stopped at KFC on the way home thinking they'd have one. We got some fries, but they didn't have any chocolate shakes. I didn't like the fries, so Naren ate mine. I still wanted a shake the next day so on the way to his friend's house we passed a dunkin' donuts. They had something called "ice chocolate" on the menu, so I got that, and an egg sandwich. The "ice chocolate" turned out to be chocolate milk with some ice cubes floating in it. NOT a shake, not cool! So Naren drank that and ate the sandwich since I didn't like it either. I still wanted a shake. On the way home that evening we saw a McDonald's. Now I KNOW they have shakes, so I get excited and we go through the drive through only to find out that they NO LONGER make shakes!! WHAT???? I am ashamed to say that I almost cried. So my chocolate shake craving has yet to be fulfilled. I am looking forward to going grocery shopping because there is a Baskin Robbins there.

Svara and I spent two days napping and watching movies. We're a bit more active today, but still took naps. In fact, I had the best nap I've had for a LONG time! By some miracle I didn't even have to get up and pee for my two-hour nap!! I've had three really rough nights with taking care of Svara among the usual 6-10 nightly potty trips. We'll probably still be coughing and me blowing my nose for another few days, but the worst seems to be over. On the bright side since we had to be sick, it happened at a good time since we had no money to go shopping or go out anywhere anyway!

Oh, I almost forgot! I MAY have felt the baby move this week. It's super hard to tell at this point, but there have been a few little movements that were in the right spot and that almost certainly weren't gas, so could have been the baby! I won't say for certain at this point, though. Hopefully I'll continue to feel some little movements over the next couple weeks so I know for sure. My appointment is in 2 weeks, I can't wait to make sure everything is going well and to see if Svara is going to have a baby sister or baby brother!!

I hope to have a less eventful week to report next time, with some pregnancy cravings fulfilled!


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