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Week 15
Still Recovering

It's been another kind of crazy week here! Svara and I are almost better from the flu, but still have lingering coughs. So for the first half of the week we were still pretty sick and she was still sleeping in our room, and I was not getting much sleep at all. There was one day when I felt like such a tired cranky zombie I didn't know how I'd survive. But the past few nights have been a lot better since she's moved back to her room to sleep at night.

Naren's pay finally came in on Monday and we were able to go grocery shopping, which was nice. I finally felt like I had some snack food around the house! On Wednesday and Thursday I was finally feeling quite a bit better and had some energy to do some cooking and cleaning. It sure felt good to get some things done.

On Thursday night there was a huge storm with lots and lots of lightning, so again Svara came to sleep with us since she's scared of storms. Naren went downstairs and unplugged all the major appliances just to be on the safe side. He heard some stories from the neighbors that their appliances got blown out from lightning in the past. So Friday morning when I went to start a load of laundry I had to plug in the washing machine. As I was pushing in the plug I got a nasty shock from the plug. I'm not sure how or why it happened, as I didn't touch anything I wasn't supposed to, but it was quite painful and very scary. Of course my immediate thought was "is the baby okay???" We called the hospital and they told us to come into emergency, so we did.

The trip to the hospital was an adventure. I was feeling fine except a little bit shaky and I could still feel the after effect of the shock in my finger. They made me lay down in the emergency room, though I finally got them to incline the head of the bed because I can't lay on my back very long anymore. There is kind of a language barrier even though all the doctors and nurses speak English, as they sometimes have a hard time understanding my accent. One poor nurse was looking awfully frustrated trying to find out when I had eaten last and what I had eaten (I don't think she had ever heard of cottage cheese and peaches before LOL). And the young doctor who came to check on me asked me if I was 15 months pregnant!!! I am usually pretty reserved but it was too ridiculous and funny I just had to say "15 months?? Are you a doctor or not??" I think I hurt his feelings a little. He tried to blame it on the way that the nurse had written it in the chart. They did an EKG to check my heart which was fine except for a little abnormality. The doctor asked if I had ever had a heart attack in the past. Uh, no!! I asked my OB about it later, and she said they'll redo the EKG during my next appointment to check again and send both results to the cardiologist just to make sure all is well, but she's not worried about it at all and says it looks fine.

Soooo . . . The whole point of me going to the hospital from the shock was to make sure my baby was okay, and it sure took long enough for that to happen!! They finally sent me up to my regular OB to get the ultrasound. I was supposed to have an appointment in 10 more days, so this will replace that appointment. Of course the baby is fine or I wouldn't have gotten this far into the story without saying so. The doctor tried to check the gender, but she said at this point it was just an educated guess. She guesses girl. Naren is a little bummed. It is probably my fault because my intuition was saying it is a boy so I've gotten him psyched up for a boy. I don't care if it's a boy or girl, but it'll be good to know. But I'm still not 100% sure of the OB's educated guess, so we'll wait until the next scan at 20 weeks to find out for sure. I guess I'll have to put on any gender related purchases on hold. But it was great seeing the baby and a relief to know all was well. She said babies in utero aren't usually affected by electric shocks for some reason. The baby was moving a lot, though, which she was happy to see.

So that was yesterday's excitement! This morning was Baha'i children's class and then we've been packing since lunchtime. We are going to Naren's parents' house for four days since Naren is doing a training nearby there. So if we stay there he won't have to travel back and forth so long every day. Save on gas and toll! Hopefully it'll go okay. I'm trying to remember everything I need to bring. I don't want Svara and I myself to get too bored. Honestly I'd rather stay at home, but I know his mom has been wanting us to visit for awhile and she likes to cook for us. But I'm bringing snack food as well, and food for Svara since I don't think she can do rice and curry for four days in a row. I'm more of a homebody when I'm pregnant (I'm pretty much a homebody anyway) so it's hard for me to go to someone else's house for a few days. I like to have all my stuff around me and know where everything is. But I'll try to relax and have some fun not having to do much cooking and cleaning for a few days. And I definitely have to remember to bring all my pillows so I can sleep comfortably!

It'll be another busy week since that visit will take up half the week and then we have some shopping to do when we come back home. I'm hoping that the week after will be less eventful.

Oh, I better not forget to mention that I've been feeling more baby kicks! Now I definitely know they are kicks, though they are still very tiny and not every day. Usually I notice them while we are watching tv at night. I'm also starting to stick out more, my belly is pretty noticeable. I have GOT to get some maternity shorts soon. My outfits around the house are pretty pathetic. A lot of stretchy shorts and shirts that don't reach past my belly. Food is starting to taste good again except for a few remaining aversions. I didn't eat very much when I was sick, but I've made up for it in the past few days.


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