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Week 16
Hello Heartburn

As you can see from the title, heartburn is my newly emerged pregnancy symptom of the week. It's not bad yet, and it doesn't last more than a few minutes so far. Hopefully it won't get too much worse. The strange thing is, I can't figure out anything that triggers it. I might get it when I'm hungry, or after I've eaten, and it doesn't depend on what type of food I have just eaten either.

We ended up spending five nights at my in-laws, what a long week! It was nice not having to cook for several days (except for a few little things I cooked for Svara), but it was really nice getting back home as well. I actually managed to do quite a bit of paper quilling while I was there. It felt good getting some creating done and not being too tired to do it. One of my nieces, who is 9 years old, came over every afternoon to play with Svara, which she of course enjoyed! We will probably be going again to their place in a few weeks when Naren goes on his yearly fishing trip. It'll be a bit more difficult for me, since Naren won't be there to take me out of the house in the evenings. It is a small house and can get quite "cooped up" feeling. Also I sometimes get tired of listening to Indian tv shows in the background. But oh well, I figure it's better to be staying with them when Naren is gone just in CASE something happens and I need to go to the doctor. Better safe than sorry. And hopefully I'll get a lot more paper quilling done!

I definitely have an increase in energy this week, which is great. Still not up to pre-pregnancy levels, but compared to the first trimester I'm feeling great! I'm back to washing most of the dishes; I'm sure Naren will again take that over when I get bigger and my tummy feels uncomfortable against the sink.

My hunger is definitely still on the rise. I eat like every hour or two. I can't eat a lot at once, so maybe that's why I have to eat so often. We went out to eat at three restaurants this week, which is a record. It was nice, though. When we were at my in-laws' house Naren and I went out to eat by ourselves one evening, a mini date. We went to a vegetarian Chinese restaurant. Then when we came back here we were so tired from traveling that we went out for pizza one night. Then a couple days ago we went out to a North Indian restaurant. Indian restaurants are extremely prevalent here, but it's almost all South Indian food. Some of the more "fancy" Indian restaurants serve more North Indian food. I was really craving some paneer dishes, so it was off to a North Indian restaurant! We found out they have a branch right by the hospital that we go to, so now I know what I will be sending Naren to get me after I give birth haha!

I think nesting is starting to kick in a bit here and there as well. This morning I was planning on making some homemade veggie burgers and buns for supper tonight. But when I stepped into the kitchen I just couldn't stand the state of my kitchen floor. I tried sweeping, but that didn't do much. I tried mopping, but again it wasn't enough. So I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the whole kitchen floor! It looks great, but then I was too tired to make veggie burgers and buns… poor Naren will come home to no dinner ready tonight. I did cook a pumpkin and make some pumpkin ice cream and garlic pumpkin buns, but I don't think those qualify as dinner. Maybe some quick spaghetti and sauce from a jar can go with the homemade buns and salad. That's about all the energy I have left for today. Oh shoot, I forgot about the sink full of dishes from all the pumpkin cooking. I better get to work . . .


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