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Week 17
Fun in the Sun

This week's highlight was that Svara turned five! I can't believe my baby girl is five years old!! Boy are we in a different place in life than we thought we would be by the time she was five. But that's okay! We will have a smallish party with family and her friends in a couple more weeks, but on her birthday it was just the three of us. We did one of her favorite activities - go swimming! She's always been a water girl ever since she was born. Well, maybe she didn't like those first few baths, but after that it was all about the water. So we spent the morning at a local water park, then went out to eat at a restaurant of her choosing. The afternoon was spent watching a few cartoons, then having cake and ice cream (which I thankfully had the foresight to make the night before) and playing with her new presents. All in all it was a good day.

The week seemed to go by pretty fast. I hope the next few weeks go by quickly as well. Three more weeks until my next appointment and I can't wait!! I am longing to feel baby kicks. Last week and the week before I seemed to feel a few kicks here and there, but this week I just haven't been sure. It's so hard to tell whether it's kicks or just belly rumbles. A couple times I was pretty sure it was the baby, but afterwards I just can't be sure. Hopefully this coming week will bring some reassuring movement. I just want that reassurance that everything is okay with our baby. .

I've been really tired this week. I just knew that since I said last week that my energy was coming back, it would disappear again. I am just SO tired every single day. Of course the worst day was after Svara's birthday. Nothing like several hours of playing in the water to tire out a pregnant lady! But on a positive note, I love swimming while pregnant because I don't feel self conscious about my belly not being as flat as I'd like. Meals this week have been a bit haphazard thanks to my exhaustion, but we are surviving. .

Coming up this week is my own birthday! I never celebrate my birthday in a big way, but I enjoy it as a day to have some treats. We are taking Svara to see a play in the morning (Goldilocks and The Three Little Bears) and then we'll go out to lunch at a restaurant of my choosing. I'm going to make strawberry shortcake for my at home birthday dessert. We are going to a special grocery store tomorrow to get the frozen berries and any other birthday treats I want. Yay! Yes, I have to go to a special grocery store to buy frozen berries! By "special grocery store" I mean one that is catered towards expats (people who live here who are from other countries). These grocery stores are fairly plentiful here in the city, but are more expensive. They have quite a bit of imported food (including frozen berries). I love going to these grocery stores, it makes me feel very nostalgic. I can also find fresh berries around in some stores, but they are super expensive and I am very leery of all the chemicals and fungicides they spray on them to prevent them from going moldy during their shipment here and time on the shelf. So I only buy frozen. .

I guess there is not much else new from this past week. I am just looking forward to seeing my belly grow over the next few weeks and feeling those little kicks coming. And of course hoping for this exhaustion to change to energy! I'll let you know how that goes this coming week!


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Pregnancy Week-by-Week, Week 17

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