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Week 19
Time Goes Marching On

Only four more days until our next appointment, I can't wait!! First, of course, I want to have the peace of mind that all is going/growing well. Secondly, of course, I can't wait to find out if Svara will have a baby brother or a baby sister!!!

The past week has thankfully gone by quickly like the couple weeks before. We had a couple Baha'i events to attend which was fun. Yesterday morning was Baha'i children's class that I help to teach every Sunday and afterwards one of Svara's friends came home with us to spend the rest of the day. They had a lot of fun playing. Since Svara doesn't attend any preschool or kindergarten, it's nice when she gets to have friends over to play. And she did quite well with sharing. Strangely enough the time when she was grouchy was when they were sitting down watching a movie together. Svara would sit in front of her friend on the couch so her friend couldn't see the TV. Why can she share all her toys nicely but not sit quietly and watch a movie? Strange!

Sadly, I haven't felt much in the way of kicks this past week. I think I felt a couple here and there, but it's still not the kind where you absolutely know it's a kick. Looking back at my journals from my pregnancy with Svara it was between week 19 and week 20 that I absolutely started feeling kicks, so once again I'm hoping this week will be it!!

After two days of Baha'i events and then the day of children's class and Svara's playdate I'm pooped out today! I am either just overworked from the past few days, or I'm coming down with a cold/flu because I just don't have the energy for anything today. In fact, I went to bed right after Svara did last night! That is very unheard of for me. I wasn't able to fall asleep for quite some time, but I didn't have the energy to do anything else, not even turn on the TV. So today is a relaxing day. I tried watching a movie this morning that Svara could watch too, but as usual it wasn't very relaxing. She asks questions literally non-stop. The movie was 5 Children and It. We made it halfway through and then I was finished answering questions so I turned it off to eat lunch (yay for leftovers!).

Naren has been busy the past few days finishing up with and filing taxes (the cutoff day is the last day of April here instead of mid April like the US). He should be back sometime this afternoon so he can spend some time with Svara and I can take a nap!

One of the hardest parts of pregnancy for me is my mood. It's like I have PMS all the time. When I was pregnant with Svara I was working full time as a teacher and I remember days when the kids would just drive me up the wall! But at 3pm they'd all go home and I could go home and relax. Now it's different. Come evening time I've had enough input for the day but of course Svara still has needs, and I can't just go and hide for the rest of the evening. It takes all my strength sometimes to hold back my irritation. I even want to yell at stupid things like my bathroom light not working last night. But I can't even yell at those things because she'll freak out and then I have to deal with that. It's not worth it. But those screams just simmer inside of me. I feel like a dragon sometimes! It helps when Naren is around and I at least get a few minutes break in the evenings as we take turns with Svara's bedtime routine.

But the past few nights have been off our regular schedule and I feel as though I've been constantly on duty. I am also really wanting to do some shopping, but we are still waiting for some pay to get in, there was a delay this month. I'm okay for maternity bottoms, but I don't have any attractive maternity tops. It's getting tiring trying to rummage through my closet to find a top that is A) long enough B) wide enough and C) still somewhat flattering. It's quite an impossible task!!

In other pregnancy news I'm still craving fresh fruits, especially grapes. It's always hit or miss whether the grapes will be good at the grocery store, though, so I didn't get any grapes this week. I finally got to indulge my craving for Reese's peanut butter cups! They are quite hard to find here, but I saw some at a candy store this week. Then I also made some homemade ones yesterday since the Reese's were all gone (I didn't buy many since they are quite pricey here). I mostly want to eat homemade food with plenty of veggies, but I have to balance that with actually having the energy to cook! Today is a non-cooking day so hopefully Naren can whip something up for dinner.

That's about it for this past week. I hope to be updating you next with with baby kicks and a boy/girl reveal!!!


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