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Week 20
It's a . . .

It's been a more eventful week pregnancy wise! Firstly I'm happy to report that our appointment went well and our little baby is looking great! Secondly, I'm super happy to report that I've been feeling little kicks and bumps daily for the past four days or so!! And thirdly, I'm thrilled to announce that we are having another little GIRL!! I'm really happy that Svara will be having a little sister. Honestly I thought a little boy would be more exciting, but I also really wanted Svara to have a sister that wasn't TOO far apart in age (5 1/2 years is far enough!) and now she will!

So yeah, I've been feeling quite a bit of kicking lately. I was right in my assumption that my placenta is in front; I asked my doctor to confirm as she was doing the ultrasound. I feel NO movement in front or near the top. I mostly feel little thumps very low down, and occasionally on one side or the other pretty low down. Many of the kicks are actually uncomfortable, right to the bladder and other uncomfortable parts! But I'm just so happy to be feeling movement every day!!! Funny that it has happened at the same time that it happened with my pregnancy with Svara.

I've been pretty worn out again this week, I'm not hoping much for an energy surge anymore. And my hormones, ugh!! They sure keep me on my toes and keep my emotions on a roller coaster. I feel sorry for Naren and Svara. I try as much as possible to keep my words and actions in check, but I can't do much about the way I feel inside except to just take some time by myself and just sit and relax for awhile. This morning I was actually in tears because my shorts are feeling tight. Well, it was a combination of things but the last straw was that my pair of shorts that is usually quite baggy is feeling tight on my hips. Crying about clothes? Thank you hormones.

I will hopefully be able to go maternity clothes shopping this week. Naren's pay should be finally coming in this week. I can't WAIT to go shopping!!!! I did do some window shopping this week which was nice. I tried on a pair of shorts at a maternity store but they were hideous. Good thing since they were quite expensive anyway. Hopefully I can find some cheaper and better looking ones!

Svara has been talking about me going to the hospital to have the baby. While we are away, Naren's parents will be here with her (or his sister, our backup plan, if his parents aren't available for some reason). They have babysat her before, but it hasn't been often. Mostly she's worried about how long I'll be away and whether we'll be away for her bedtime. It's one of those things that I just don't know what to tell her. Everything is so uncertain, who knows what could happen! We could leave in the middle of the night and come back the next evening before her bedtime. Or we could leave in the middle of the day and be gone for three days, who knows! I don't want to give her any false promises, so when the topic comes up (which it only does when she brings it up) she gets really stressed out about it all. If you have any ideas or advice, or have been in this situation before, please feel free to send me an e-mail with any thoughts!! My mom was never in the same situation, but she did suggest maybe coming up with some "Svara's Special Plans" for her to do while we are at the hospital and maybe have a couple sets of plans depending on what time we end up leaving. I think that might be a good idea, but I haven't implemented it yet since I don't want to bring up the topic again for awhile unless Svara brings it up herself. Any other ideas are welcome!!

I have started some cloth diaper shopping! I've been saving up some Etsy money that I've earned to use for cloth diapers. I pretty much just have to buy covers, and probably a couple pocket diapers just for fun. I'll be using prefolds and flats for inserts. I love shopping for cloth diapers, all the new prints and styles are so fun to look at! I don't have a lot of money to work with right now, but hopefully as the next few months go on I can earn some more Etsy money and buy more!

I have a list of other shopping we need to do as well. You'd think we'd have pretty much everything we need from Svara, but actually not really. We do have a crib and a changing table, but we need a new mat, blankets, clothes (I gave away a lot of clothes that I didn't particularly like after Svara outgrew them), and lots of little things. I have to see if I can buy replacement parts for my Medela breast pump as well; the old parts are not looking so great having sat in storage for the past 4 years. There are some other things we sold as well, when we needed some money a couple years ago. So it's time to go shopping again once we have the money! I know it's a little early, but I like to shop sales, so I window shop around to decide what I want and then I wait for sales.

I'll stop here for this week, and hope to update you on some shopping next week!!


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Pregnancy Week-by-Week, Week 20

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