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Week 23
Can't Catch Up!

Week 23 has come and gone quite quickly! The first half of the week was a whirlwind of packing, cooking, and shopping. The second half was being at Naren's parents' house, and that was it!

Our several days at Naren's parents' house was okay. It went better than I feared, which I knew would be the case. My worries about being away from home usually end up being over the top when I'm pregnant, so pardon my complaining last week! On the first day Svara played quietly while I did my quilling and Naren's mom did her thing. His dad wasn't around that day. Svara's 8 year old cousin came around in the afternoon to spend the rest of the weekend there. They had a lot of fun playing together over the next couple of days. By the fourth day I was definitely ready to go home, though! I did get a lot of paper quilling done while I was there which was nice and relaxing. But I guess on that last day I was just ready to go. Naren's dad likes to tease Svara a lot and I had heard enough, and Svara was ornery due to not enough sleep. Luckily it wasn't too late when Naren came back at about 7pm and we packed up and left. Now we are back home and I am struggling to catch up with everything!!

I had to come back and pack up 8 orders for the post office. I have two other orders to complete and pack up this week. I also need to put the sealant/varnish on all the paper quilling jewelry I made over the few days we were away, and then take photos of them all. I can't wait to do it, I love stocking my etsy shop with new stuff. But it's the work that gets shoved a bit to the side when the house is a mess and I need to cook as well!

I got an order of diapers today!! For all you cloth diaper mamas out there, they are the Swaddlebees Simplex one size all-in-one diapers. They are so cute! I am not a huge fan of all-in-one diapers since they take longer to dry and don't last as long as others, but I like having some around for easy diapers. And the features on this one are great, I think I'll like them a lot better than other all-in-ones that I've used. I also just ordered a couple more little covers for when the baby is small. I should get those in the next day or two. I also have all the diapers I ordered from etsy coming over the next few weeks. Can't wait for them all to show up, I just love looking at my adorable cloth diapers!! Did I say "my"? I mean the baby's of course. Hahaha

I have started planning some re-arranging upstairs. I am taking Svara's little wardrobe and drawers and giving her one of my dressers for her room instead. She's excited to get her big girl dresser because it has a mirror on it! I emptied the drawers from it and she started putting hers in today. We were going to do the switch today, but it was getting too late. So it'll have to wait until tomorrow or the next day. I'm excited to get the furniture all switched around so I can start going through the baby clothes and see what we have and what we need. Oh, and I found out today there will be a jumble sale in 3 weeks. I can't wait!! I should definitely be able to get all the rest of the little baby clothes I need there for a great price. There is usually plenty of little girl clothes' too, so I'll have my pick!

I'm writing my journal a day late this week. Usually I write on Sunday or Monday, but it's already Tuesday. Last night I just couldn't sit down and write, I was too spent from the day. It's going to be an exhausting week trying to catch up on everything, but I'll try to go slowly but surely. And eat plenty of Snickers bars (my new obsession) to get me through (don't worry, I don't over-indulge, but I definitely indulge!).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Naren felt our baby girl kick this past week! It was the night before he went on his fishing trip. It hasn't happened again yet, but I'm sure soon he'll be feeling (and seeing!) her wiggle around every day. Svara hasn't felt her yet either, as she does most of her big kicking at night.

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Pregnancy Week-by-Week, Week 23

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