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Weeks 25 & 26
Oh the Nerve!

It's been a quick two weeks around here! Quick in the sense that we've been so busy anyway. I've grown a bit bigger I believe; I need to take another photo update! Maybe for week 27 I will do that.

It has been a pretty miserable two weeks in the nerve pain department. First I slept funny one night and got a pinched nerve in my back. At first I didn't realized it was a pinched nerve since all it did was make my right arm numb and sore. I thought it was because of my carpal tunnel syndrome even though it wasn't quite like my usual symptoms. But after a couple restless nights of that I could feel the pinch in my back. Naren had to give me a shoulder massage for a few nights. I can still feel the pain, but it's almost gone now, whew!

After the pinched nerve in my back started dying down my sciatic nerves started acting up again. So Naren had to switch to massaging my, uh, rear, each night so that I could get some sleep. Darn sciatic nerves!! He is not big on giving massages, but he has no choice at this point. It's either give me a short massage before bed or deal with my tossing and turning and whining all night long!

But onto more pleasant pregnancy related topics - baby kicks! Baby girl does not seem to be as active as Svara was when she was in utero, but maybe I'm just not remembering correctly. She seems to mostly be facing my back, so I just feel little bumps here and there. About once a week she turns around and gives a good kicking session around bedtime, that is my favorite. At those times I can feel her little knee/leg down low. She is sitting up, which explains why I pretty much only feel movements down low.

I had a doctor's appointment a few days ago. All was looking well. I discussed the delivery a bit with the doctor. When I delivered Svara I had a secondary hemorrhage ten days after she was born. It was due to the episiotomy and vacuum assisted birth. I am not too worried about hemorrhaging again since it seems it was due to trauma, and hopefully that can be avoided this time around! The doctor said she'll give me a shot of something after the baby is born to speed up the contractions of the uterus to prevent a primary hemorrhage (not sure why she has to do this since it wasn't that type of hemorrhage, but okay . . .) and she'll try at all costs to avoid an episiotomy. Let's hope all goes to plan and my recovery is a LOT shorter this time around!!

I mentioned that I was starting an online Montessori course since I'm homeschooling Svara. So far I've just been doing the readings and sifting through all the information. It's a lot to learn! Plus our printer broke two weeks ago so I can't print out all the curriculum, materials, etc. ugh! So for now we are still just doing activities here and there. Svara loves this one great reading lesson app on the iPad that has helped a lot. We do other reading and math activities, and then learn about other things that she's interested in. Some days we do a lot, some days just a little. Hopefully I can get into a routine and set up with the Montessori curriculum in the next couple of months so it'll be easier to stay in a routine once the baby gets here. Once baby comes I think it'll be a month or two before I start anything new, so it'll be good to have some things in place so I don't neglect Svara's education during that time!

Everything else is about the same right now. Still having roller coaster moods, still feeling very hot, still never getting all of my work done. I think I can give up on being caught up on any work for the next year or two!! Until next week then!

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