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Weeks 27 & 28
Yay for More Kicks!

My oh my, this pregnancy is going by fast!! The most fun part of the past two weeks has been feeling more kicks! Baby girl is either getting more active or just stronger. She's still not a super active baby, I think, but active enough to keep my worries at bay. Now that I am 28 weeks I am starting to do kick counts each night. As I look back at my journals from when I was pregnant with Svara it seems that Svara was more active. Svara has always been an active girl, so maybe this one will be a bit more laid back!

My sciatic pain has not been bothering me as much in the past couple weeks, though that could change at any time. I'll take the break while I can! I am definitely getting bigger each week, though, and sometimes it's a bit tiring walking around. Sometimes I get mild leg cramps, but as long as I flex my foot immediately they'll go away. I try to drink as much water as I can and that seems to help.

Sleep is sometimes okay and sometimes not. I'm not too uncomfortable yet, but for some reason some nights I wake up SOOO many times! Sometimes I have to go to the bathroom (darn squished bladder!) but often I'll wake up every 45 minutes or so all night long for no apparent reason. Last night, though, I only woke up twice and I felt SO much more refreshed and in such a better mood! Hoping for another good night's sleep tonight. It makes such a difference to my day.

I get swelling in my feet fairly often, but if I drink plenty of water and sit with my feet up when I can it seems to keep it at bay. Those days when I'm doing chores and/or sitting at my computer all day is when the swelling is worst. Feet must be UP regularly to keep the swelling down! I guess that's why when I was working when I was pregnant with Svara I could never get the swelling to go away. There was never a chance to put my feet up when I was teaching. Overall I feel physically better than I did when I was pregnant with Svara. I don't feel as big, haven't put on as much weight (though I've still put on more than "average), and the swelling and cramps aren't as bad.

I think I'm in one of the easiest stages right now. I'm big enough to look definitely pregnant, but not big enough to be super uncomfortable. I can still get comfortable enough at night and it's not too hard to get in and out of bed yet. I seem to be growing rather quickly, though, so we'll see how much of this changes in the next few weeks!

My biggest craving lately has been chocolate. Especially with peanuts/peanut butter. Mmmmm!!!! I try to ration myself, though, so I don't eat TOO much chocolate in one day.

One fun thing we did this week was go to a library. Libraries are few and far between here in Malaysia. Most are privately owned, not very well stocked, etc. So we have never actually gone to one. But we found out recently that there is a NEW public library that opened a year ago about 15 minutes from us!! So we went there this week and we are very happy with it so far. We're going to try to go every couple weeks at least. It's free, clean, nicely decorated, and has a decent amount of English kids' books. Great for Svara!! They have several floors of adult books as well, but we haven't explored them yet as we only had time the other day to check out the children's section. I'm hoping to find some pregnancy/birth books when we go next week. We shall see!

Since we want to fit in a trip to the library every couple weeks we are going to try to go grocery shopping every couple weeks instead of every week. I get so exhausted after grocery shopping anyway that hopefully only going every two weeks will give me extra productive time. But it also means better food planning! So I've done meal planning for two weeks, and am now ready to go stock up on groceries! Wait, I need to add chocolate to the list . . .

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