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Week 31
Busy Week!

It's been another fast week, but a bit tiring as well. On Saturday we went to a birthday party for a friend's one year old. It was fun and pretty amazing to see Svara go around making friends. Usually she sticks to me like glue and will whine about going home most of the time. This time I was sitting by myself most of the time and she was going around making friends! Not only did she talk to and play with kids she just met, but she also talked to some adults she didn't know as well! Usually she won't talk to adults she doesn't know, but I told her that everyone there were friends so it was okay. Looks like my little girl is getting more social! There weren't a lot of people there that I knew well, so I didn't spend a lot of time with others, but I rested and really enjoyed the food. I've been craving cream puffs for awhile, and they were there!

Then Sunday morning Svara woke up with a fever, so we spent the day lounging around. She was fine by afternoon, but by evening I started getting a sore throat. Ugh! It's been downhill from there for me.

But no time to rest, as on Monday we had to go to the immigration office to get my visa renewed. Turned out we didn't have all the paperwork we needed, so we got that and left and went grocery shopping. On Tuesday we went back to submit the paperwork. We had to walk to another building to get one of the papers signed, then back to the original building. Finally it was all done and we could go home. I tried to rest as much as I could the rest of the day and the next day. On Thursday Naren had to go and make payment for the visa. He dropped me and Svara off at the library and went and did it himself. On Friday we all had to go back together to pick up the visa. And now it's all finished. Whew!

All the running around didn't do me any favors, it's taking me awhile to get over this cold. Hoping the next few days will allow me some rest and recovery!

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Pregnancy Week-by-Week, Week 31

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