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Weeks 32 & 33
Another Crazy Two Weeks!

Wow, it's been another crazy two weeks. I just can't believe how fast time is going by!!

I finally got over my cold after another 3-4 days. It's good to feel healthy again! And to want to eat other things besides hot soup.

We should be able to finally get started on the rest of our baby shopping in about two more weeks. So I've still been busy focusing on other things such as my quilling, etsy shop, and craft supply shop. There is so much work to do on the computer! I've also been doing better at getting a daily schedule. I have no idea how much of a daily schedule we'll be able to keep once the baby is here, but hopefully at least a semblance of a schedule will remain. I've found it's easier for me to do my own housework and computer work in the morning while Svara has playtime and computer time. Then after lunch she watches a show while I finish up my work and then the rest of the afternoon is school time and other activities with her. This will probably be good once the baby arrives as well since I'll probably be most busy with the baby and housework in the mornings. Then Naren can help out in the afternoons while I spend some time with Svara.

Svara spent about half an hour the other day in the car talking about what she is going to play with her sister once her sister gets old enough to play with her. It was quite sweet. I am continuing to share newborn videos with her on youtube so she knows kind of what to expect our newborn baby to act like/look like. She especially likes watching the ones that teach you how to diaper your baby, bathe your baby, etc. and then she re-enacts them with her dolls.

We had a pretty busy weekend at the end of week 32! On Saturday afternoon we went to visit some friends. They have a one year old baby and we all went swimming together at the pool in their condo. It was fun! I didn't want to get in the water at first because, well, I'm quite a site to behold in a swimsuit! But Naren convinced me that I looked fine, so I wore my suit and got in. It was fun to feel a bit less weight for awhile. I didn't realize how weightless I really felt until I got too chilly and decided to get out of the pool. Wow, I felt like an elephant getting out!! I am NOT used to feeling that much weight when getting out of a pool.

On Sunday morning we went to Baha'i children's class as usual. I'll be helping to teach until the end of August. After that Naren will just bring Svara while I stay home. We came home to eat lunch and then off to visit some more friends for the afternoon/evening! We haven't seen these friends since before summer, so it was great catching up.

On Monday morning we had to get up early to go to my 32 week checkup at the docctor's. She confirmed that baby girl is head down, which I guessed from the kicks I've been feeling at the top of my belly the past couple weeks!! Right after that we went out for lunch and then grocery shopping. Busy day!

Svara and I were back on our regular schedule for the next couple days, which was nice. But Thursday was another off day. It was our ninth wedding anniversary! I can't believe Naren and I have been married for nine years. It seems like it's been a lot shorter time than that. We are not where we thought we'd be after nine years (we thought we'd be back in the US by now), but I guess God has had different plans for us. We don't have a lot of money to spend right now, but I still wanted to do something a little different on the day. Naren told me to suggest something so I suggested we go out for buffet breakfast at a fancy hotel. I chose one that didn't seem too far away and we woke up early. But not early enough. We were on our way there, but Naren said by the time we got there it might be quite late, so he suggested a different hotel that was closer. It's not as fancy, but I didn't want the disappointment of arriving late so I agreed. Svara was really excited about eating breakfast in a hotel. As soon as I walked into the breakfast area I knew it wasn't going to be what I had wanted. If it hadn't been for Svara I would have said let's just go. But I didn't want to disappoint her. She was more than happy with her selection of juices and the toast and selection of jams. Yes, that is what she had, juice and toast! I tried a few things, but it really wasn't all that good. It wasn't the worst, but it wasn't great. Of course with my pregnancy hormones I can get to feeling even more down than usual about things like that. I was almost in tears when we left, even though I knew it was silly. I felt bad that it had been my suggestion (though I am CERTAIN that if we had gone to the original hotel the breakfast would have been great!). I felt bad that we had wasted the money on that.

I was super tired because I had woken up extra early that morning from Naren's snoring. So when we got home I went to take a nap, but I couldn't sleep. Just resting made me feel better, but I was still so tired. So Naren came and lied down with me and Svara was in the room playing and I finally dozed off. I woke up feeling more refreshed and not as depressed. I fed Svara lunch and had a salad (I couldn't face eating any carbs since that's all I had for breakfast). Svara and I baked a cake and then we all sat down together and watched a movie for the afternoon. After an early supper for Svara we had our anniversary cake and then put Svara to bed. Naren and I made some yummy nachos and watched Harry Potter. That was our anniversary! He did write a very sweet status on facebook for me for our anniversary. I'm going to copy it here so it doesn't get lost in facebook:

"It feels like only yesterday we were planning our wedding and wooosh!! 9 years has passed. In these 9 years, I have learned in simple ways and sometimes tougher ways to improve myself, to be a better person, a better husband and a better father and I would have never been able to do it without having you as my anchor and support. You have given me so much with your sacrifice, patience and love and these are the most priceless possessions I can ever treasure and boast about. I hope and pray in many more years to come, our lives together will be blessed abundantly not by material wealth or gai n(although the latest ferrari f12 berlinetta will be graciously accepted). I remember submitting to His Will when I was deciding a life partner and then God showed me you were the one and this is why my life has been so solid and filled with love. Our precious daughter is a symbol of our strong and loving marriage and soon we will be welcoming another precious bundle of joy. I love you from the bottom of my heart knowing that I will never trade you for anything, not even my ferrari (darn!!!) Happy 9th anniversary Honey :) Here is to us and looking forward to many many more years :)"

I would have loved to reciprocate and write him something lovely, but I honestly just haven't had the brain power to sit and think about it. I feel like I have SO much to do and less than half the brain power as usual.

So the next day, Friday, Naren was supposed to go to his parents' house since he had to go to a company nearby and pick up his training equipment. He decided at the last minute that he'd stay overnight there since he had to go at night to get the equipment anyway. Then he decided last minute to invite Svara to go with him. She jumped at the opportunity! I, however, decided to stay back as I have so much housework and computer work to do, and I wanted to get caught up on some of it. Plus I couldn't get ready fast enough, I had dishes to wash and laundry was in the machine. I was hesitant about Svara going without me, I would miss her! I've never been away from her overnight before. But she was just way too excited about going, so I couldn't disappoint her. And I knew I couldn't turn away the opportunity to have a day to myself to get work done! So they left in the afternoon and right now it is Saturday afternoon and they are on their way back. I didn't get a LOT of housework done, but I got some done. Quite a bit of laundry is done, and I baked some banana bread. Mostly I've been getting computer work done. Working on my websites. I'm also working on a new quilling tutorial and some new earrings. It's been a very busy 24 hours by myself!

I'm sure I'll continue to keep busy over the next couple weeks, and then I'll start to slow down a bit. Get baby shopping done, wash the baby clothes, set things up, etc. I can't believe there are only about 7 more weeks until the baby is born!

Oh, I suppose I better recount the pregnancy symptoms I'm having these days! Some days my ankles are quite swollen. I have to keep my feet up on the couch or the bed for half the day if I want to keep the swelling down. But it's not often I have time for that now. If I sit at my desk I try to keep my feet up a bit, but it doesn't seem to help all that much. I'm getting quite big, I don't know how many of my clothes will last for the next couple of months! My belly is a bit itchy some days, but not much in the way of stretch marks yet (fingers crossed). I didn't get many with Svara either, so I'm not too worried about that. It's getting harder to turn over in bed at night and get out of bed. Sleep is not so great lately. I wake up a lot to use the bathroom and just to turn over and get comfortable. Sometimes I have cravings, but mostly it's kind of difficult to choose what to eat. It's as if I'm bored of eating. The scale doesn't reflect that, though, my weight keeps going up as usual! I get sciatic pain once in awhile, but it's not as bad as it was a couple months ago. Strange! I am waddling a bit more often, but not too terribly yet. I guess that's about it! Wow, this was definitely a longer entry than usual, I guess we really have been busy! We'll see how the next couple weeks go.

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