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Weeks 35 - 37
Finally Gone Shopping!

Week 35 was nothing exceptional, just more waiting, more soreness, more reflux, more being tired, etc. But finally in week 36 I was able to start some SHOPPING!!

We didn't have a lot of shopping to do this time round, but we were finally able to get our last few necessities like the crib mattress, some cloth diapers, baby soap, etc. It was fun finally being able to be out and about, though! We spent one whole day walking around the mall, then had a couple days rest. Another whole day walking around Ikea, then a couple more days of rest. My sciatic nerve really acted up after walking for a day, so I needed those rest days!

We were going to go on our little vacation in week 37, but it turns out that it was also a week of public/school holiday here, so that didn't go as planned. We did do some grocery shopping, though! It felt good to stock up on some grocery essentials so we wouldn't have to worry too much about grocery shopping the first few weeks after the birth.

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