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Week 38
Family Vacation

Our vacation week!

We started our week with a scheduled doctor appointment. The doctor offered to check if I was dilated, but I decided to decline since we were going on vacation and I didn't want to worry about it either way.

On Tuesday we headed up the mountain! We were hoping to leave around noon, but it's hard to get going around here and then we had a couple errands to do on the way, so we didn't get up there until about 5pm or so. Oh, was it wonderful feeling the cool air!! We got a room and then enjoyed the cool breeze and clouds passing by on our balcony. With the windows and balcony door opened we didn't even need a fan on in the room!

We decided to check out the vegetarian restaurant at the Chinese Temple for dinner. It was a good choice; we hadn't been there before. When we got back we enjoyed some cake at the terrace restaurant at the hotel. It was a rare treat for Svara!

The next day was our busy day! We rode the cable car to the top of the mountain and then went to the theme park. We got lost on the way, which added extra walking to our day, but I managed. Svara had a blast at the theme park trying all the rides (the ones suitable to her age anyway). She loved the carousel the best and must have gone on it at least 10 times (not in a row, though). We had lunch at a restaurant nearby and then went back to the theme park. At around 4pm we headed back down the cable car. I was thoroughly exhausted by then! I couldn't even think about going out anywhere that evening so we ate dinner at the hotel. It was tastier than the last time we stayed there, a nice surprise.

The next day we had wanted to visit a couple strawberry parks. But I was still super exhausted from the day before. So we let Svara go swimming for awhile in the heated pool, and then we packed up to head home. On the way down we stopped by one strawberry park. Svara had fun picking a few berries, and then we headed out. It was a loooong walk to get out due to the way they set up the park which was really annoying. We got home and I think I didn't move for the next few days!!

If anyone is interested in more details of our trip and photos, check out my blog post here:

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Pregnancy Week-by-Week, Week 38

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