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Week 4 ~ January 13, 2012
~ A Bundle of Nerves

So apparently Naren has super powers and can foresee when I'll get pregnant because true enough, I got my bfp this week!! I am technically 4 weeks today by some calendars, so I'll just go with that, even though I could be a few days further along. I got my first bfp 5 days ago. They are getting darker, which is a good sign. I'm still a bundle of nerves, though, as my last pregnancy ended at 5 1/2 weeks. Hoping and praying that this one sticks!!!

So far I have the typical early pregnancy symptom of nausea - started six days ago, jeepers! It's mild and off/on all day. Also have the typical sore breasts and getting sleepy every afternoon. But a quick 10-15 minute nap can perk me up for the rest of the day.

I'm debating whether or not to take any early belly shots. I think I'll wait until about 10 weeks or so. I just hope my regular clothes fit me until then. I am wearing the same clothes I wore before I was pregnant with Svara, but they are a lot more fitting than they were then. Partly because I weigh about 10 more pounds than I did back then, and partly because my hips are just wider. So I'm sure I'll be breaking out the maternity clothes sooner this time! But I'm getting ahead of myself, I'm only 4 weeks!

I had a little bit of spotting two days before I tested and also yesterday, but I also had implantation spotting when I was pregnant with Svara, so trying not to be worried about it. It's gone for now and was super light. Thinking good thoughts!!

So what else have I been up to this past month? Well, our garden is growing. We've actually eaten some spinach out of it! Planted some more, too. I've been enjoying using homemade almond milk instead of soymilk, too! Everything seems to taste better and I like not eating so much soy.

Svara and I have started a daily schedule. It's something I've been meaning to do for awhile now, but didn't want to get myself stuck into something too rigid. So we came up with a flexible schedule that allows us to choose what activities we do each day, with some staying the same. After breakfast is my hour or hour and a half for housework while Svara has her own playtime. This is hard for her as she would love nothing more than for me to play with her all. day. long. But she's getting better at not whining about it, since if she doesn't whine I'll play with her anything she wants for 1/2 hour, after I finish my work.

I guess the next thing I have to do is make a doctor appointment! I have to find a new hospital/doctor since we moved to a new area of town a few months ago. Time to ask around for doctor recommendations!

Think good sticky baby thoughts for me and I'll write again next week!


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